LM audio or LEBEN help

hi everyone.
im using devore fidilety nines speakers with my Leben cs600 amp and im happy with the sound but there are few things thats doesnt make me happy the detalis and the dynamic of the leben is weak for my ears.
i speak with my dealer in my country and he suggested me the LM 218ia amp that it SET amp and he say to me its much better then the leben because its SET AMP that means the topology of it is best and right for the devore speakers .
im litlle confused because my dealer when he sold leben he says its good and he doesnt speak on the LM audio but now he became a dealer of LM AUDIO products and and leben stop work with him. i know he is adealer but is it much better the LM 218ia from my leben cs600 or my deale just make me a"black mirror" on my amp ?
should the LM 218ia be good replacement on the leben cs600 or to stay with my leben.
i know the price of leben cs 600 is 3500-4000$ for used and the LM 218ia is 3500$ for new so the money will not be the problem i can sold the leben and buy LM 218ia amp
i still cant hear it because the LM is need to order few to is stock so i will wait.
please any suggestions or experince with this boths amp
thanks alot
How big is your room?
What tubes have you tried in your CS600?

So your "dealer" is no longer selling Leben and is now selling Line Magnetic amps and is suggesting you go with Line Magnetic now? Go to a different dealer. S/he sounds like a chump.

The LM 218ia is a nice amp but IMO not better than the Leben CS600.
Bolero, I agree with Notec. If you have not yet changed the stock Sovtek tubes that could be your problem. Google Jim McShane tubes and then E-mail him. Tell him your concerns and he'll turn you on to the right set of quads to make your CS600 come alive. That's cheaper than buying a amp. Neil
Read Jeff Day's (6 Moons and Positive Feedback writer). Call Jim McShane and order the Reflector 6n3ce tubes. You will not be disappointed. I'd follow most of Day's suggestions. Good luck. My brother has this amp and it sounds amazing.
Or, how about listening for yourself and making up your own mind rather than being dictated to by others...?
"Or, how about listening for yourself and making up your own mind rather than being dictated to by others...?"

Do you have any knowledge as to where Bolero32 is located ?
Cheers -Don
Bolero is located in Israel. He asked for suggestions and that is what Bolero received.
My point was only this. Not everyone has the chance to go to a dealers, and hear for themselves. That said, even if he does, there's nothing wrong with asking the opinions of others. I just heard the Leben 300CX on Spendors. It was my first time hearing a Leben IA, and it was quite good. I would like to hear it in a system closer my 2nd system again. I have Spendors, but the rest of my 2nd system is much different from what I heard. The LM 211 is what I do have in that system, and it's very enjoyable. I don't have a direct answer for the OP, but perhaps checking out the 0/93's could be an interesting experience. That of course, is if he has a dealer within a reasonable distance...!