Lloyd Walker's Next Shocker

This week I had the chance to hear a prototype of Walker Audio's newest audio tweak, and I must say that I went from skeptical to startled in about 10 seconds upon hearing it.

FWIW, I am not the kind of guy who buys into teleportation hocus pocus, etc. I'm not a shill for any company or dealer, and although I've been active here for many years, I've rarely posted about any commercially available(or soon to be) tweaks.

As to not get Lloyd angry, I won't give away the details, but just say that for around $50, this will make an improvement in sonics for many vinyl lovers equal to a component upgrade or two! It will take 3 seconds for anyone to install, and will last many years, without refills/recharges/etc.

He says he is still finalizing the design, and will produce it sometime in the next month or two. Perhaps if Lloyd, Fred, or else someone else in the know reads here, they will chime in.
There...now I feel totally cleansed. Cheers,
How dare you take a cheap shot at teleportation tweaks! i suppose the earth isn't flat either? heathen!
not a shill just a tease - OK my interest is peaked! I love my Walker HDLs

Yeah, LOL, I guess I am a tease.

Not my place to say much more at this time, unfortunately.