Llano products?

I currently use the Pass Labs X-150 to power ribbon speakers. I like the Pass's clean ss output that rates high on dynamism and full source disclosure.

Now, I am preparing to bear wrestle with the infamous 1 ohm Apogee Scintilla. This is the speaker that gave birth to the monster Krells.

I have been advised the new Llano hybrid separates can handle the Scintilla. Have any of you had experience with Llano products?
I confer with someone that has had great success woth the Llano's!There is a BB I will ask him about for you!They cater to that combo!
I own a Llano S 100 ss amp which I bought used here on Audiogon. I am very pleased with this unit. If finances allowed, I would love to try some of Randy Whites newer products. I have spoken with Randy on the phone and felt I was treated as if I were about to spend $10k with him even though I was asking advice about the used unit I bought. Llano has a 30 day return policy, so hey, all you'd be out is the shipping. I don't beleive they get many back though. They are a small company and don't have a huge dealer network or lots of colored glossy brochures, just d*** good products.
The sound quality is very good (referring to the small monoblocks) but I have not had good luck with service - 5 months for the first repair and going on 2 months for the second. An output transformer problem in each case and the time for repair is blamed on the source for the parts.

Very nice people to deal with however.
Jrinkerptdnet, thanks for the warning. You are not the first. On the other hand, I know a few people who have had no problem with their Llanos. Something of a gamble, huh?

Abex, thank you for your help.
I had the Trinity 100 running Martin Logan Odyssey with shocking results. The amps are great. I regret ever selling mine. Honestly the Trinity was the second best amp I've ever heard behind the Berning ZH-270.