LK-85 vs LK-140 for Aktiv w/ Keilith

My dealer did not have any Aktiv system to demonstrate, nor the LK-85 ... I compared Majick and Wakonda+LK-140 on Ninkas, then Wakonda+LK-140+Majick(amp-only) in passive bi-amp - and could hear enough difference to convince me to go active ...
... could anyone tell me if in an active setup having a pair of LK-85 or a pair of LK-140 will make a lot of difference ? (I have a pair of Keilith)
We recently had a NJ Audio Society meeting at a Linn dealer where Linn was demoing their Ninka speakers using an LK-85 for the tweeter and an LK-140 for the bass drivers, using the Aktiv crossovers in the two amps. Excellent sound (a big part of it being the Sondek CD 12 they were using as a source). I think that you might want to talk with your dealer or Linn about what would work best for your speakers, but they can make the crossovers work for amps with different power ratings, if the speakers can use it. You've made a good choice--the Aktiv concept works very well with the Linn systems and is the way to go if you can afford it.
I have two LK-85s running Aktiv Katans and its everything I could want given my budget. I haven't wanted more power but I am also using a REL sub. The Aktiv cards will allow much more efficient use of the amplifier so using two LK-85s have plenty of steam. The resoulution just by using the Aktiv cards is far better than any passive system I have owned or heard so I see even less of need to really crank things up. I am using a Kolector with a Genki as source. I could imagine an increase in power as maybe fleshing out a bit more but I don't even care to try. I'm happy.

Cables have really made a difference for the better as well. You can sure hear the variations, even between a KCAG and Red Dawn. Check out the Linn forum at
Thank you

BTW, I looked at for a Linn forum, couldn't find it ... can you provide URL ?
LK140s will have more bass and a clearer top end. I'm running bi-aktiv 85s on Ninkas with a Wakonda and it is quite nice.

BTW - my retailer always recommends the lk140 for the tweeter in an lk85/lk140 mix; sounds counterintuitive, but LINN recommend this as well, as the better sound of the lk140 is best used on the tweeter.