Living Voice Avatar II vs Reference 3A De Capo i

I want to know if anybody could compare this two excellent speakers.
I could hear both but in different systems so is impossible for me to make comparations.
I want to buy speakers to use with my Pass Aleph 30 amplifier.
I listen all type of music: clasical, jazz, rock, acoustic.
My listening room: 11 foots wide x 15 foots large.
I will apreciate your suggest.

These aren't quite in the same price range, at least US prices. I owned the de Capo and also owned the LV Auditorium, which is closer in price to the de Capo in the US. I definitely preferred the de Capos and regret selling to buy the Auditoriums. I listen mainly to jazz & blues, some rock and some classical. The Auditoriums never provided the resolution I was used to with the de Capos or my prior Spendors, and I was using very good electronics, cables and sources. The de Capos could be a little shrill with some CDs, and definitely prefer tubes, but with a good tube amp, good vinyl and good recording the 3As could be sublime. Biggest mistake I ever made was to break up that combo. The advantages of the LVs were in dynamics and soundstaging, so I would say they were better speakers if you listen mainly to rock/pop/etc., though I found them disappointing on large scale classical (which is very hard to get right). I've heard the OBX but never the standard Avatar, so the answer may be different than with the Auditorium. Others may have a different view, but I just didn't find the Auditorims to be best value for the $$.

The Avatar is rolled off up top, so if you like resolution and extention up there you wouldn't be happy. DeCappo is not. Those prefering the rolled off sound might think DeCappo "shrill".
Haven't heard the Avatar, but the Auditorium was rolled off on top to my ear. I didn't notice that with the OBX, but I can't say definitely. My experience with the de Capo was that the extension was fine on well recorded material. However, a lot of pop/rock music, especially recent recordings, seem to be mixed "hot" on top, and the de Capo could sound "shill" with such recordings. Almost all such recent recordings are on CD only now, hence my statement of "some CDs." On the other hand, the larger, floor standing LVs naturally are capable of greater bass dynamics & soundstanding that the de Capo, though the de Capo is very good in that regard for a bookshelf speaker.

I use my decapo i with a pair vtl tiny triodes (latest models)and a audio aero capitole cd player mk1 version.I could not want for anything more.I could not recommend the decapos with solid state gear.