Living Voice Auditorium spkrs comments requested


Can anyone w/ experience w/ these speakers give me comments on their sound? My local dealer has the Avatar OBXs on demo, but no Auditoriums. Because he is a small dealer and is already overstocked, he can't really afford to bring in a pair from the distributor in Canada just for audition. (He does stock almost all of the Spendor line and the big Quads, plus a number of less expensive speakers. Not bad for a small US dealer.) Just wondering how much of a house sound there is w/ the line, and how close the Auditoriums would come to the OBXs. The OBXs are probably the best speaker I have heard. Thanks,
You might try communicating directly with Kevin Scott, the founder of Living Voice. He is a quite friendly, and I suspect he would answer your questions.
If you're in the US or Canada, check with the North American distributor (Bluebird Music?). They'll be happy to send you info and copies of reviews that will help you understand the differences between the speakers.
Greetings from over the pond.I've heard the OBX and use Auditoriums myself. I would say there is a House sound but very clear differences. They produce a good sounstage a good tone and dynamics. The weakness is the base, or upper base in the Auditoriums. It is a little loose and colours the rest of the higher frequencies. I still love mine, though I'm saving my pennies(cents) for the OBX. As you may know, the OBX is the most expensive, but also the biggest seller of the range.
Hope that helps