Lively and Dynamic SS Preamp...

i'm looking to replace my tube preamp with something solid state that is lively, forward and dynamic - and has remote controlled volume. willing to go new or used; multiple outputs (amp and sub) and balanced inputs and outputs are a plus, though not absolutely required, as these can be remedied by y-cables and adapters. phono stage is a huge plus, though again, this can be worked around.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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McIntosh c2300...$6k new or $4200 here on the Gon.
It has 3 lines balanced. Also has great MM and MC stages.
The Halcro DM 10 has all you will ever want or need.
Fantastic MM & MC phono + balanced & single ended inputs & outputs for everything including phono.
$7K range here on the gon.
thanks for the suggestions... i should have mentioned in my post that budget is around $2k new or used.

if it matters, amp is Pass XA30.5 and speakers are Revel Gems.
This should fit the bill:
Bel Canto Pre2p.
Don't know the seller, but the preamp is all you're looking for.
Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE fits all your needs
It would be nice to know what tube preamp you are replacing.

Wouldn't the matching Pass preamp be the logical choice?

If your budget does not allow the purchase of a proper preamp maybe a different amplifier should be considered. Maybe you need more power than 30 watts to get the dynamics you are looking for.
Jeff Rowland Capri.
my current preamp is a CounterPoint SA5.1. it's extremely lively and dynamic - in fact, my rig sounds fantastic right now - my only issue is a bit of noise. I'm considering going to SS to find a preamp that is a bit more quiet, but don't want to loose the qualities i cherish in the CounterPoint.
" only issue is a bit of noise..."

oh, also i'd like to have remote controlled volume. i can live happily with everything else, and actually enjoy the CounterPoint quite a lot, but would like a remote for the volume.
@ Rrog and Tvad...

my first inclination was a Pass X1 or Rowland Capri... nice to see them mentioned here.
Nagra pll
Its has tubes but has the precision from ss , and if you re talking dynamics this thing can frighten you , its very clean also.
BAT VK51SE. I would say a balanced preamp is practically a must with the Pass. It's a little more than your asking price, but is a great value.

The BAT gives that midrange depth and texture, with great dynamics. You can make it even more dynamic by adding NOS 6H30 tubes and EAT tube dampers.

If you are looking SS, I would go with Pass preamps.
I adore my Musical Fidelity KW linestage for having just those qualalities you are looking for. Doesn't have some of the things you'd mention wanting (balanced in/out, phono stage) but as you mentioned, these you can work around. Check out reviews such as Fremer's in Stereophile on this one. And there are other glowing reviews out there too. Might be a little higher than your mentioned price range, but not too too far from it.
What about Parasound Halo JC-2..? No phono input, but satisfactory regarding all other requirements. Very good price btw.