Lived up to or beyond the hype for 2005.

Your most satisfying hardware (including accessories) purchase(s) during the past year.
Yes, used equipment absolutlely qualifies. I should have said so. Sorry. And I suppose, now is a good time to add my choices:

Two items tie for first place. One analog, one digital. These two items qualify for my "beyond the hype" award:

1.) Transfiguration Temper W, moving coil cartridge.
2.) Aural Symphonics Optimism V-2, glass fiber-optic ST cable.

These two pieces definitely live up to the hype:

3.) Purist Audio Design Venustas speaker cable.
4.) Purist audio Design Dominus power cord.


Supratek Grange
Zyx Airy3 LO
Silverline Grande La Folia
Canary CA-339
Good thread. Best of my '05 upgrades : Speltz anti- cables, Cary 303-300 , Prima-Luna pro-2 , Jolida tuner and Tungsram NOS tubes.
Speakers that still amaze me: Green Mountain Audio Callisto

Amplifier: Cary Rocket 88R

Cardas: Power Cords, IC and Speaker Cable
Reality Check CD burner