Live Trad. Jazz Vinyl Suggestions Please

Please can I get some recommendations for some well recorded live  Trad. jazz. Vocals are not necessary and would rather do without if not done well and recorded well.  

Please recommend things I can actually buy rather than rare gems I have not chance of getting. 

I am talking down by the riverside, Basin street Blues, I am Confessing. Standard stuff done really well is what I am looking for. Thanks in advance.   
Hi darkstar1 have you Checked:

thanks for the response. I have a couple of the records on the list. I am looking for early jazz like 1920. Down by the riverside, Tiger Rag, Saints go Marching in ETC. 

here is an example but sadly not on vinyl
I have some records 16 and 78 that go back to the turn of the 20th century to mid.