Live Singing - TikTok

Hi all,

I'm hoping to connect with someone who can give me a bit of guidance on equipment. I am looking to start singing live on TikTok but want to do it with backing tracks. For example, I can get the track to say, a Shinedown song, put it in my mac, and I'd like to sing against it, into a microphone, and stream this live to certain platforms.

Can someone please give me advice on how to get this done, I am coming from a place of significant ignorance but I am a software engineer so I can learn and apply easily. 

The advice I'm looking for is how to hook all this up, and get the audio to a good quality and going to the phone to stream.

Microphone, interface, connecting with my macbook, etc. 

Here are some products I was considering:


I am unsure as to how to use an interface but my assumption is that I will be able to plug the mic into the microphone.. and plug my macbook pro that is playing the track into that interface.. and then the interface to the phone?

Could you recommend a good interface?

Would garageband be sufficient for the backing track or logic pro?


I'd really appreciate some advice on this!

Thank you so much