Live performance acoustics.

Last week, I saw the band ‘Further’ at the Greek Theatre. We had seats fairly close to the stage, off to the side – 4 rows behind the pit. From the stage amps/speakers, I could feel the kick drum and bass guitar pounding my chest. The lead guitar and keyboards were spot on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear one note from Bob Weir’s rhythm guitar – nada! When we walked back by the mixing board, of course, the sound was perfect. Curiously, Bob's guitar sounded even more prominent outside by the snack bar on the cheapo house speakers that had no bass at all. I guess this reminds me of how difficult it is to get it right in our own rooms.
Interesting. As I recall, Bob's guitar was often pretty unobtrusive, both in recordings and at shows.

What is "Further" up to?

The live "sound" that always gets my attention is the bass drive and dynamics. Those two aspects are omnipresent in live music.

Everything else just seems like an audiophiles nightmare. For ex. all those array speakers sitting next to each other. And... have you ever looked at the cabling? How on earth they keep hum at reasonable levels is a miracle.
The Greek is not a room at all; it's an outdoor venue isn't it? It's just a band shell. I used to go to the Playboy Jazz Festival there back in the day.
I'm very unimpressed with most amplified live music when I listen to it . One time I had the opportunity to watch the roady's set up a bands system . They did an amazing job in two hours , but there was little done to voice the equipment . And even in a good spot it didn't sound that good . The amps and speakers appeared to be designed to play loud , not sound good, lets not even talk about the room . We are always happy to get home to a well designed , properly set up and voiced system , after a concert . The last concert , ( Diana Krall ) we went to , we got soaked going in , you should have seen the wifes hair , I'm sure it cost more than my suit .