Live Jazz in France Paris or north ?

I've been to a few jazz clubs in and around Notre Dame. Tell me about clubs and other live venues you've been to in Paris and in the north of France.

I'm dying of the boredom waiting for my speakers to arrive.

Bill E.
I'm really bummed out. I just spoke with my youngest son who told me that he's been listening to classical music at home in my room while I'm gone because it sounds so good.

I'm dying here in France for music and you're all letting me down. Now I know some of you can help with places to listen to music here. Don't let a fellow American suffer like this.

I may have to go to the store tomorrow and buy cd's and play them on this computer. That's a pretty sad idea.

Bill E.
It's finally happend.

I've simply had enough waiting for all of you to do your part!

I'm now listening to the Greatest Jazz, Blues, and Ragtime of the Century right here on my HP Pavilion music center. Yes sir, (and madam) in S T E R E O.

That's right! in living? S T E R E O.

Once again proving the adage,
"if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."

And I thought I could count on you.


Go to Le Bilboquet just down the Street from Cafe de Flore off of Blvd. St. Germain. No big names - just good solid straight ahead jazz from some of Paris top musicians.


Finally, someone to help.