Live in your Detroit recordings...

I'm a motown boy...any faces from Cobo Hall or Joe Louis arena? J geils blow your face? Doors in Detroit? Nugent? Seger? Help a motor city boy!
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Typos...Live in Detroit fave recordings...whatcha got?
Bob Seger's "Live Bullet" (Cobo Hall, IIRC) is the one that quickly comes to mind.
Yo Phase! Ex-Detroiter here (now Atlanta)...
While I have many local Detroit recordings, not many are live. Now that I look, I am surprised at how few live I do have:

Lonnie Smith - Live at Club Mozambique
Blues from the Heart ('94)
Blues from the Heart Vol. II ('96)
J. Geils - Full House
MC5 - Kick out the Jams
Jimmy Thackery has an excellent import "Live In Detroit" if you like electric guitar driven blues. I think I also have some old Iggy Pop in Detroit, but the quality of his live recordings varies dramatically. Iggy Pop rocks when he is on though.
This is not in the same genre as J. Geils, Nugent and Seger, but Jean-Luc Ponty has an album "Live at Chene Park (1996)" with good audience effects.
and oh yeah for a 10 year old kid at the time - KISS ALIVE!
Gary Moore-We Want Moore! The guitar solo on Shapes of Things is sublime!!!