Live Hendrix.....

I realise most live Hendrix is poorly recorded and often inconsistent any rate..I have the Berkely 2nd set...which is quite good...any others that come to mind sonically?
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Band of Gypsies live at the Fillmore East is a more recent issue of the original Band of Gypsies expanded to 3 LP's.
The LP's sound excellent. I don't know, but assume the CD's sound good, too.
Also...any decent live mono recordings that come to mind? I have heard some of the Dagger releases but wasn't that impressed...thanks....
Not so sure about sonics, but the live at Woodstock is pretty special for the music.

Ditto for Band of Gypsies on CD -- very realistic and rich tone on the Strat.
I only have two, Live at Winterland & Jimi Plays Monterey. I don't remember which one I liked better, but Monterey is a West German production & Winterland is a Made in Japan Rykodisc. I should play them again & report back.

Here's a Hendrix reference I found a few years ago. It'll give you some good information.
Man, you have to hear "Hendrix in the West". This one came out in 1971 and has to be some of the best live Hendrix. It was released on Reprise MS2049. The whole thing is awesome but the live version of "Little Wing" on side one is the bomb.
Yes Electric ladyland. Voodoo Chile is spectacular. Cd or record. Is one of my references Jimmy Right stage Keyboards left front drums sit infront of you You can vision the hight of the marshal stacks.
Having been a Hendrix fan for 37 years. I remember being eleven yrs. old , blissed out listening to Purple Haze , When my Mom came screaming into the room "Turn it down, this guy must be hopped up on dope." Well, yea, anyway, for my money Hear My Train A Comin on Woodstock Two remains my favorite.
If you can find it, there was a CD that came out about 1988 "Live at the BBC" or "Radio One Sessions" or something like that. It was a set of recordings that were live in the studio for BBC Radio-One broadcast. The sound quality is decent and the playing as amazing.
In the early 80's Reprise issued "The Jimi Hendrix Concerts" a double album set. Very good sound production, and the greatest live Hendrix album(s) or CD I've ever heard. It has an extended version of Stone Free that has arguably the best live guitar solo played by Hendrix as well as a nice Mitch Mitchell solo. This song was recorded in London's Albert Hall in 1969. The double album also includes great versions of Little Wing, Voodoo Chile, Are You Experienced?, etc. and some great slow blues. Buy this ASAP if you can find it anywhere.
I have a Band of Gypsies that is a Audio Technica pressing from Japan that I bought in Santa Rosa. I bought it because the cover is a doll of Hendrix holding his guitar and it blows away ANYTHING I have of his in my collection. I mean when someone asks me do you have any Hendrix I put this on. I have this paticular recording on Capitol(original pressing) the MCA 200 gram original Remaster on Vinyl and they don't even come close. For live recordings this and my Classic Vinyl 200 gram Humble Pie live at the Filmore East are my references.
There are some really good live performances on the 4 disc box set "Jimi Hendrix Experience." Overall, i was really pleased with the sound quality, imaging and soundstage.
Band of Gypsies on Classic Records vinyl (1997) is remarkable.
One fool i know who is a worse Jimi fanatic than me has at least 30 live JH releases that i've checked out. The import of In The West on vinyl stands as the finest sound quality Hendrix so far. It's %$#*!!! unbelievable