Live Hendrix

Of the recently released Hendrix concerts...Isle of WIght,Rainbow shows, and Berkeley 2nd show...which one has the superior sound quality...
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berkeley show cd is terrific...
I'd go for Live at Winterland, although it isn't a recent release. Actually it was my first ever cd, somewhere in the 80's. Hell, I didn't even own a cd-player then! Anyway, last week I played it, and it sounded pretty good, and he was doing a good show.
I have an LP of Hendrix in the West which features fabulously recorded and performed live versions of Red House and Little Wing. Absolute nirvana for Hendrixphiles.
yesterday i pulled out my 30something year old copy of Hendrix in the West,gave it a good cleaning and could not believe how good it sounded!ive had this record since i was 14 ,its been played on some pretty terrible TTs and never cleaned untill now,as Jimburger stated Red House and Little Wing esp. sound great!!!