Live From Daryl's House-Shelby Lynne

If you get a chance to see the new "Live From Daryl's House" with Shelby Lynne episode, please watch it.

It's their Christmas show with Shelby Lynne and it's GREAT! They do several unique Christmas songs along with some of Shelby's tunes.

Holy Santa Claus can she sing! She has an amazing, beautiful voice. Very strong and powerful. I think I have almost all of her CDs and LPs.

Excellent episode...
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Thanks for the notice Mofi. I am a fan of Shelby too. She has a great voice and I love the Alabama accent. It's kind of hard to follow her recordings though, you never know which direction she's going to go next.'re welcome. I have never really heard her talk before and was surprised by her very strong southern accent. When she sings, you can hear a little of it, but not to the degree of her normal speech.

I kind of like getting her newest recording, not knowing what she is going to do.

Excellent episode and excellent guest. A must see, IMHO.
I love Live From Daryl's House. The last episode - with Joe Walsh - was great. Now I'm really looking forwad to Shelby's turn. Guess I'm heading that way right now.
You know, I made a post about Daryl's house like 2 years ago and it got "moderated". This forum really sucks occasionally.
I have never heard of it. Thanks for the heads up on the show. Awesome indeed!


Great artists and it always seems they get such great sound :-)

This weeks episode has Diane Birch as the guest. Someone here on the Audiogon Forums turned me onto her about a year ago. She only has one album "Bible Belt" and it's terrific so is this show. She has a fantastic voice and is a babe to boot.

Watch it if you get a chance.

" a babe to boot."

Now, you've done it ;-)
She's been (my) one for quite a while.

You can't have her. She's Mine!
If you don't own at least (4) of her lps, you should just, (walk away)!