live cd's

I have really enjoyed the live cd's available from and "Hittin the the Note." I have Allman Brothers shows from both the Jazzfest in 2007 and the Beacon Theater Clapton shows from last Fall. The recording quality is excellent and I love the "in the moment" intensity of the performances. I also recently picked up Clarence Gatemouth Brown's Jazzfest show from 2005. Boy do I miss the originality of that guy. Any other sources out there for live recordings?
Love the Jazzfest live releases! Galactic 2006 (1st post katrina) is amazing...closes with Zepplin's when the levee breaks. Sound quality is surprisingly good.

Going next week to the fest, so I'll be fresh stocked.

Truly crazy amount of great live shows at BWP's link. It a great way to hear new bands as well. A little heavy on the jam band end of things but for free I can't complain a bit.