Littlite-Which one to buy?

Hi folks, I've considered buying a Littlite Lamp w/Base as it would sure make it easier to play LPs during the evening hours.

I understand that they make two output types, one with a 5 watt lamp, and one with a 2 watt lamp.

I would think that having a variable Rheostat on them for light output, that the 5 watt model would be the better choice?

Which do some of you folks use, and why? Which length Gooseneck?

I just want a basic model with weighted Base to sit alongside my Turntable, and I'm assuming the 12" Gooseneck should be suitable, and long enough for my VPI HW-19 Table? Mark

Mark, first you get an A+++ for spelling Littlite correctly!!

I like the 18" gooseneck cause it gets all the way across the platter to the cartridge from the LEFT side of the turntable, which is how you have to do it or it's in the way of your using the tonearm.

Model L3/18 is an 18" gooseneck w/ the standard weighted base and halogen 5 watt lamp. I use the screw-down base. I think they also still make the edge-of-shelf clamp type base.

The 2 watt lamp is an incandescent, you don't want it.

Get the 5 watt halogen lamp. WAY better. It reqires the little hood with the heat fins, but if you order the model i mentioned above, it will come with it.

Now, if you really want to be 21st Century, go for the new LED model. It doesnt have infinite dimming, but it does switch between red (low) and white.
I have the LED model. Works fine. The red-only setting makes a good night light, that's about all.

Rheostats are a potential source of RF interference. I didn't want to risk hum and noise that near my TT.
Thank you Nsgarch, and Doug.

That's something I hadn't considered, was possible RF interference. I did some research, but find no mention of the dimmer being a possible problem?

One would think it wouldn't be such a problem, as these are used in pro applications, but I gather that most pros use these directly plugged into their boards, and then utilize some other control, most likely within the equipment.

I like the suggestion of the lamp being on the left side of the Table, so it won't interfere with manual use of the Tonearm, and with the 18" Gooseneck, I would have a greater degree of placement-adjustability, but will somthing like this, being in very close proximity to the Table's AC Motor have a greater adverse effect?
Or is this something more related to being in the electric AC line? (Or both?) Would being plugged into a conditioner-regulator help any in this regard?

On the VPI HW-19, the standard Motor Assembly is at the left-rear of the table, very close to where I would probably wish to have this Littlite.

While I'm certainly no wizard with electronics, I sort of gather that there is really no such thing as a quiet Rheostat? What's your take on this?

With the LED version of the Littlite, I'm thinking that there is no provision on the switch for adjusting brightness, is there? (Other than switching from white light, to red light, or a combination of both?)
The Littlite site sort of leaves me wondering about this?
Thanks, Mark

I've never had hum problems from my Littlite. It wouldn't be from the rheostat anyway. It's just a simple resistance pot like a volume control. It's not like a wall dimmer. The only source of hum might be the wall wart (transformer) itself, but I have mine plugged into a non-system wall outlet and never had a problem. It's ohly putting out 12V AC so it's not radiating much of a field anyway.

You'll have to ask Doug about the LED version, but my understanding is that it's either white light (high) or red light (low) and that's it. But that shouldn't be a problem either, because that's pretty much the way you would use it anyway (high or low but not in between.)

What I'd like to know (Doug) is whether the LED version (on high/white) is brighter than the halogen version on high? If it is, I'm going to get one of those because I'd like a little brighter light.
Doug, what is the size of the base on the L-18-LED gooseneck? I'm trying to figure out if it would fit on my stand. (sorry for the interruption, Mark)
No Problem Zargon, I'd like to learn as much as I can before I make a purchase, and would be interested too, in the Base's dimensions.If you goto the site, and click on any of the Lampsets, they do show the numerous available options for mounting. No doubt the standard base is probably most versatile, as one could use it on any table for doing close up meticulous work.A Clamp version, Velcro-Double Face Tape, or Magnetic Base are the other options.The Littlite Store has about the best prices I've seen so far, as it appears others are charging a minimum $20 more for the basic L3-18 Lampset. Mark
My experience with various Littlite mounting systems is they all suck, that is if you're planning to yank the gooseneck around a lot (trust me you will!)

Other than the panel mount (BNC plug) the weighted base is your best bet. However, there's a DIY alternative which I hit upon and it works the better than all the other attachment methods. You just need to plan where you're going to want it:

Take the chassis apart (that's the little box at the other end of the goosenck with the rheostat) by removing the two screws on the top (either side of the rheostat knob) That will release the subchassis on the bottom. (This has nothing on it, it's just a piece of metal.) Screw the subchassis down to your shelf (it's predrilled) and then slide the main chassis with goodseneck over it, secure the two top screws and you're done. Really solid, and it doesn't matter where you position the gooseneck.

The reason I mention this, is because although you can get the 18" gooseneck with the weighted base, it can tip over if you're not watching the position of the gooseneck relative to the base. Plus the base may limit placement.
I bought my Littlite from Northern Sound. Best price I found and excellent service. I use the spring clamp which I attach to a rolling cart I have my RCM on.

For turntable illumination, I use a nifty battery powered LED unit from Garrett Wade (great company). I attached it to the wall above the turntable with heavy duty velcro tape.
I agree with Dougdeacon re: the Littlelite LED version, no rheostat (even though I never had any issues with the dimmer on my older incandescant version), but less is more. The red beam is OK, but for the night vision purposes only. The white LED is a different white than the incandescant, but less beam-y, more like a flood light. Just fine for illuminating the arm/platter. I do use the weighted base, but it is a tight fit on my TT shelf to avoid touching any part of the table, and plugged into an electrical circuit not occupied by electronics