Little Rock, Arkansas - Any Audiophiles out there?

I currently live in Little Rock, AR and have for the past 7 years.  Unfortunately, I have found this place to be almost devoid of audiophiles.  Anyone here on Audiogon liven Little Rock or central Arkansas?  Would you be interested in starting some sort of audiophile social club?

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I live in LR and I think that is a great idea, and by the way my name is David to.
I am moving to LR in a week and would be interested in forming a group, too.


As the unofficial leader, where could we meet? 

Wow!  This is awesome!  I have been intermittently trying to make this happen since I moved back to LR in 2011 [~20 years mostly in New England & upstate NY].  

I apologize for not responding earlier to this thread...must have fouled up my notification settings.  But, Pix4Work sent me a message just a few minutes ago to clue me in.

Since this is obviously in the forming stages, I would suggest that we use to organize & facilitate gatherings.  I will set up a group & come back here to post a link & instructions on how to join.  It is free to use.

Again, I am stoked to finally be getting the pig off of the ground! join the group, go to & search for Little Rock Audiophiles MeetUp.

Or, if you would prefer, send me your email addresses & I will send you a direct invitation. My email is

It will be much easier to propose dates, times & locations in that forum as opposed to trying to do so through Audiogon’s forums.

FaceBook page:

Waiting for your response...
Just looked to see if there was anything around LR and stumbled on this thread. Good timing it seems. Requested to join FB group. 
I wish I could figure out why Audiogon is not notifying me of new messages.  I am sure I have something set incorrectly.  Let me go to the FB page & make sure I haven't inadvertently ignored you.

@oldmandave   Contact me in Support and I can check to see what the problem is with you not getting notifications from us. Please put Attention: Tammy Only in the subject line. You can send it to

I must sheepishly confess that I think I figured it out.  Previously, I had not looked within my "profile" settings...of course, after I shot off my mouth, I found email notification settings within that area.  

Thanks for keeping an eye out & offering assistance.  If me changing those settings doesn't fix it, I will certainly drop you an email.
@oldmandave  Sure thing. 
id love to be a part of this. let me know if this has come to be. 

current system:
vpi scoutmaster w/ shelter 90x
ayre ax5-twenty
chord hugo tt
harbeth super hl5+ anniv ed

also have blue circle bc28, shahinian arcs; kef ls50s


Thank you for posting, and yes, the group is open to new members. The group’s leader, oldmandave, will be glad to fill you in with the details. Welcome to the group!

Wow..I have been wanting to do this for years!  I'm in!