Little Red Dot on Totem Hawks

I am getting ready to sell my Totem Hawks so I moved them from the living room to the kitchen to pack them up tomorrow, I just noticed that one of the Hawks is missing that little Red Dot above the tweeter. I must have smeared it off with my hand or thumb while moving it. Does this make a difference in the sound? Should I try and order a replacement from Totem?

Thanks all.
I think you can buy those dots in any stationary store :)
The dot signifies which tweeter version. Have not seen a red dot Totem, but I have seen quite a few blue dots. The dots do not affect the sound.
I was always curious about this dot. I asked the A'goner I bought them from about 4 years ago. He didn't know the purpose but "don't remove them!" So it all has to do with the version? Hmmm thanks for the info.
I was told it was for tweeking the tweeter, like a marigo dot....that Vince B believes in them. I'm just sayin...
I emailed Totem acoustics about the Red Dot, here is the reply from Stephen Libin, National Sales Manager for Totem.

Hi Bruce – Thanks for owning and enjoying Totem. I must tell you that I am quite the Hawk maniac myself! Don’t worry about the red dot, it simply means the speaker passed all QC checks and was fine to put into a box and ship out.

I would simply remove the dot from the other Hawk, and that way the 2 of them look the same.

If you really like the dot, please contact Nico at the factory and he’ll guide you to a replacement. His email is

Thanks & Happy Listening!

Stephen Libin
Totem Acoustic
National Sales Manager
Hey Chashas1, thanks for sharing. Any followup on your info? or the source thereof?
When I had my Sttafs years ago, I was told this was a 'Focus Dot' which should not be removed.

Nice to know this was B.S., as it sure sounded like it at the time!
I'm still waiting to hear back from Nico Bruzzese, Vinces's son? I'm hoping he can verify all this. I'll let you all know.
If you contact the guy in charge of Totem Tech support you will get a different answer than the one your received from the sales guy. The dots do denote quality control from a tweeter matching perspective and they also denote different tweeter versions and productions runs. In a sense it is about quality control in the context of speaker matching components.

It is okay to move the dots since the speaker's makeup/version is recorded by the serial number.
Totem speakers sound too good, why the chicanery ? Have to admit, I just wanted to use the word chicanery. Now, what about those beaks? Acoustic sculpture? Shipping ballast?
Thanks Brf, if you've never seen a Red Dot, only Blue, then your explanation makes more sense. Blkadr, I think it is the general public that likes to believe in chicanery. I've read that the Beaks work but I've never heard of Acoustic sculpture or shipping ballast.
The beaks do work, they are used for tuning/altering/controlling cabinet resonances, and their position on top of the speaker can improve or degrade the sound. Not sure what acoustic sculpture is, I believe shipping ballast would be any filler--sand,pellets,cat litter, to load those cabinets that have a hole in the lower bottom---NOT the ports! those are farther up the cabinet!