LIttle Dot II+ Headphone Amp Review

Category: Amplifiers

Browsed the forum and only two people have brought up the Little Dot Headphone Amps. I am new to the head-fi world but I have only been impressed with this little amp. Purchase of Ebay from one of two official sellers of Little Dot.

First impressions were very nice with great clarity and smooth sounds which is a given since this is a tube amp but the more I heard the more I felt there was a slight lack of bass. However, since this is my bedroom music, I didn't have anything done in terms of wires or even power conditioning. I brought down some of my power cables that cost about the same as the Little Dot II+ amp($100) and the difference was night and day.

I also added a Ultimate Outlet and now strings have bite and bass and clarity and the overall bloom of sound and dynamic range increased dramatically. I was only trying things out on a lazy Saturday afternoon and now I think I will leave my cables here and get new ones for my main system in my listening room.

I think for now I prefer my little budget bedroom set.....

Associated gear: Marantz DV-8300 Universal Player
Homegrown Diva Silver Interconnects
Audio Technica-ATH w-1000 headphones
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet 15A High

Main Room: Simaudio Attraction 7.1 and Titan Amp
Marantz DV 9500 Universal Player
Harbeth M30s, B&W HTM 2 and B&W 600s rear
B&W 600 sub
Analysis Plus solo crystal interconnects and
speaker cables.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this amp or headphones. Let me know what you think of them and also what kind of tubes I should get to improve. I am new to tubes as well.
I use a LDII which is modded with an Alps volume control. I think that this unit represents one of the best audio values available.