Little Bear T7

Know some might chuckle or maybe say it's a peice if Chinese junk! Purchased one and I don't claim to be a audiophile genius but it sounds pretty good to me.Any other opinions about this unit? Thanks for looking.
What have you compared it to?
I don't know about the T7, but the USA made Schiit Mani for $129 is pretty amazing. I contemplated a tube phono, but didn't want to turn on a tube phono pre and let it warm up each time I listen to an LP.

Have compared it to a Cambridge Audio 640p and a vintage NAD 3020 phono section.Maybe not the holy grail in phono stages but pretty good for there budget.
How does it stand up against the 640p? How's it different?
Smoother on the top end but still good detail with tad better bass.Using a 2m blue cartridge,Morrow ph2 from turntable to preamp,Dueland 20 ga from phono pre to tube integrated amp.Pro Ject Debut Carbon is the table.
If you like your T7, you could sell your 640p and purchase the highly rated Schiit Mani phono pre and have a big step up and keep your t7 for fun.

Great review of it here on youtube, once you get beyond his accent.