Listening to Phono Preamp Burn in Disc?

I have read a lot of posts regarding using a CD burn in disc (e.g. Granite Audio's) to burn in phono preamps. I get that, but I'm puzzled when people who do this complain about having to listening to the disc, as the sounds are not pleasant and repeat ad nauseam. My question is, why listen? Can't one just leave the amplifier off (assuming non-integrated amp), and still achieve the same burn in results? Also, if the amp needs to be on, couldn't a suitable resistor be used to substitute for speakers?


You can always wire one of your speakers out-of-phase (put red wire on black post and black wire on red post), face speakers toward each other (inches apart), put a thick blanket over them and play the disc.
The source material must be mono in nature.
The out-of-phase signal cancels itself coming out of the speakers so the resulting
volume will be lower than normal.
This is also the procedure to rapidly burn in your new speakers.
Good question Duddley. I have owned that disc for many years now, and used it a few times, yet I have never heard it. I have always had the amp off when using it. Maybe someday I'll have to listen to it to hear how bad it sounds. ;^)
If you leave the armp on, it will demag the amp, speakers, and cables as well. If you get the Ayre break-in disc, its only a couple of minutes long, is interesting to listen to, and works well. I also have the Purist disc that is torture to listen to...and is over an hour long.  There is a segment on (I believe) the Cardas test record that serves the purpose for the phono section.  It too is a sweep that is short to listen to

Follow this and don't listen, otherwise you'll come to wrong conclusions.

Cheers George

The alternative solution is to purchase Claudio Arrau -- Beethoven Complete Piano Sonatas 13lp box set.
After completing listening to it, your phono stage will burn in. No need to listen to torturing sounds.
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czarivey - My phono stage has teflon capacitors that require between 500-600 hours to burn in. That's a minimum of 600 albums plays. I'd rather not subject my cartridge to that much wear until after the preamp is burned in.
what it really takes is to purchase or grab one for free badly scratched LP out of any used record store, hook-up cheap cartridge and play it once.
clicks and pops will burn-in any cap fast and efficient. just have to believe it like you believe to your burn-in CD. 
matter of subject or...?