Listening to ALL your music

I found that I seem to be listening to only a few CD's in my collection very often. While it is nice to have "reference" recordings, I found that I am concentrating on sound, not music. So, to counter this, I have decided to listen to all my CD's . I will not aquire any new CD's or make any changes to my system until I have listened to every note on every CD I have.

They are arranged alphabetically, and I seem to be able to do 2 or 3 a night. I have close to 700 CD's, so this should take a while.

Has anyone else done this?
I find myself listening to the same things sometimes. I usually try to force myself to root arond and find something different. If you do that I think you find some extra pleasures. Usually you bought(hopefully for at least one good song)it for a good reason, so you should find that again.
Good for you!
From my point of view life is too short to impose such a task onto yourself. While I wholeheartedly agree with you about the time wasted listening to the sound of your system as opposed to the music, don't waste more time listening to music you don't feel inclined to hear. Focus on expanding your horizons to music you haven't already experienced (I assume you've listened to all your stuff at least once). Its much more rewarding in the long run. At least it has been so for me. And, as I have said before, get the recordings while they are still available! By the way, nice system - no need to spend money there to enjoy the music.
I've found that the more software I have the harder it is to decide what to play. It's easy to go with the old standbys whether for sonics or convenience. I ask my wife what she would like to hear and playing that request mixes things up enough to send me on a tangent to various other albums. Did that make sense?? It's late. Goodnight.

I have been finding that I like almost everything I own! Is just that I have got into a rut. My collection is almost evenly divided between classical and jazz.

Right now, I am on beethoven, and am really enjoying hearing ALL the piano sonatas again.

Reminds me when I was in college, I used to sit in the music library with a score and headphones for hours, and study and listen....

Maybe I will go out and buy some scores.

Oh, and I have also decided to get rid of any disc that I can't listen to. So far, I am keeping the 20 or so I have gone through...
I had the same problem a few years ago and inadvertently stumbled across a wonderful solution. I ended up transferring all my digital and about half of my analog collection into an Apple Mac computer using iTunes as the interface. I have any number of playlists organizing the music, but basically I set things to random play and let the machine do the choosing. In addition to convenience this setup allows me to hear music that I already own that I would never pick otherwise. The system strongly reinforces the fact that I have great taste in music.
Yea, that's a good idea. I'm doing the same thing with my underwear. Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I find myself wearing the same ones all the time. I've labeled mine Mon-Sun and it makes it a lot easier. Gets confusing otherwise.

I remain.
My collection is sorted by artists relationships along with styles of music. For example David Byrne I can retreive among the Talking Heads bundle and Bryan Eno can be found between David Byrne and Phill Manzanera while Phill Manzanera can be found along with Bryan Ferry within Roxy music bundle etc...

Very often I figure the need of using equalizer due to many found rock recordings sound horrible but but still feel hunger to listen to it.

As to underware I prefere my few pair of Banana Republic boxers among bunch of others and also use them up whenever possible among other crap I have in my bedroom drower. I'd trash the rest of my undies and buy Bananas but they cost like a good Wallmart jeans indeed.

Funny, as the underwear drawer does need rotation. Seems with wash all the time, the same ones stay on top..Maybe I should alphabetize my underwear, and go throught them all sequentially...........
Clueless, simplify your life, go commando style.
I could have told you Rlips. It's universal. Men are naturally not monogamous but we stick with one pair of underwear real good! If women were underwear divorces would be way down.

And forget about the vinyl thing. It doesn't work with underwear, least not for me. No synergy there for me.

Yea hy61 I like to let the boys run free then and again.

I remain,
I think most of us stick to a certain frecquent menu and forgot about a considerable ammount of music we own.
I played a little trick to add surprise to my listening:
numbered all discs and made a random number generation in a simple excell spreadsheet and now and then pull it out and pick a number to listen. I found that I´m building up a shopping list based on the experience and the flash back in time in some cases has been very interesting.
1000 CDs in changers played randomly gives your music collection a workout and keeps it fresh - the spontanaity of what comes on often makes it much more enjoyable. Swap out what you don't like for something new and it continues to be enjoyable. iTunes is probably a better alternative still, as it's more flexible.

I have 602 cd's and 513 of them are crap.
Here's how I do it.

For home (high-end listening) i play whatever catches my fancy. My car has 6-cd cartridges. I have three cartridges so I have 18 Dcs 'loaded' at any time. One day I mixed up my entire Cd collection (except for the total CRAP, as Slappy calls it) and I piled my Cds. When I finish listening to one cartridge, I re-load it from 'the pile' and continue listening to the other two cartridges. By the time I get to the third cartridge I am pleasantly surprized. There are about 250 CDs so it takes my mor than half a year to get through it.
I hear you.

I went to a changer and dac set up a year ago and it was bliss to have 5 disk random play for casual listening. Found that there are quite a few disks that I like but can't sit through the whole album straight, and lots that I tossed in the changer to fill it up that I loved though hadn't listened to in literally years.

Great to have guests over and do a 3 / 2 split, guests get to pick 3 disks and I pick 2.

I tend to listen to listen to music according to my mood, but within my moods I listen to the same albums. Not on sound quality, but because some albums are better in my opinion than others. So why did I buy the other albums? Well..... I thought they would stand the test of time better....
And that's a great idea, buying more than one set of underwear! I'll rush to the store to try that at once. But what's a washingmachine or whatever you call it?
A washing machine is a sort of turntable for your clothes. I understand they are working on a digital replacement that promises "perfect underwear, forever..."
O yeah, Rlips, I heard of these things. They tend to eat socks though: you throw in a pair and get only one back, so my dad made me promise never to buy such a thing and to invest in sensible things like Video 2000-recorders, turntables, DAT-recorders, reel-to-reel-recorders and shares of ENRON..... Sorry, are we getting a bit of topic now?
To let know everyone participating on this thread that this week I dedicate to Jethro Tull and all assocciated musicians from my current collection.
The previous was Talking Heads and all assocciated musicians and singers. It took me near two weeks of 4 hours per day listening to go through almost all of them and I realy have them all...
The next I guess comes in mind Japan and all assocciated musicians. In this case I have only one debut album and the rest near- 30 albums and signles are of Sakamoto Sylvian and Mick Karn...
More "lines" from my collection are Frank Zappa, King Crimson, ECM including all Pat Metheny,...
Crap, disco and easy listening comes when there's a party time... I realy listen to them ALL and ALL means near 2000 records and 200 CDs.
Just through Beethoven now, having a blast, just like being in school again. ( I minored in music lit.)
Forget it. At best, only one in three of my CDs were bought for more that two cuts. The rest get the ole in an out. And I have not played 60% in the last three years.
And to think some people say some audiophiles are obsessive compulsive.