listening room question

My 2 channel listening room is 22x 15 with speakers on the short wall. On the opposite end of the room, along the long walls there is a large open arch into another room on each side wall. Any idea what type of sonic abberation these openings would lead to and what I might do to counteract them? I already have bass traps in the speaker end corners of the room and absorbers at the side wall reflection points. Thx- John
Are you experiencing any problems. The main thing I notice when the room has a lot of opening is that the room seems to loose some of the Low bass impact but that also depends on shape and ceiling height. If this is the case Subs may help. Give me some idea of what you are lacking in the sound.
I am listening with Vandersteen 2ce sigs, musical fidelity A5 and MF cd player. Until I put bass traps in the corners and front and back walls I had no bass. Until I put absorbers at the reflection points, one speaker always played louder than the other. Now I have great bass and balance but seeing how much of a chanage there was with these acoustic treatments, I was curious what other problems the room was creating.