Listening Room Art Work

Thinking on focusing future paintings/ pastels for audio listening rooms. Any suggestions on subject matter. Please share photos of your listening room art.
thats all up to u..your eyes and room the sky is the limit. Just keep it in good taste.
I view the matter as an entirely personal one. Art is subjective and reflects the owners tastes. Only you can decide what looks appropriate.

I don't mean this as a slight but rather an opportunity to expresss yourself in the manner you see fit. One can debate the sound of something. What one sees and is pleased by is not open to debate.

Having said that, there is a site named that will reproduce just about anything you like on canvas. They have a large selection of well known artists and can even reproduce images you send them. I had a Balthus done some three years ago and loved it. Took the canvas to a local framer and had it mounted and it looks great-draws a lot of positve comments. I'm thinking of adding some more in the future.

Just one way to go. Good luck in your choices.

All the best,
My artwork is all music related show posters in custom frames. More important is the wall color I think. Dark front wall with dark speakers and light front wall with light speakers. Helps make the speakers disppear.
For my 50th my wife and friends had three of the Francis Wolff photo prints offered by Acoustic Sounds (Miles, Coltrane and Blakey) nicely framed for our listening room. Probably bad for sonics but they create a nice vibe.
I would go with everything music. Concert posters, prints of bands and artists including classical, pics of instruments, advertisements etc. in a veritable collage intermittently covering the walls but not ceiling. I'd throw in a Van Gogh and Dali here and there. Maybe a Monet/Manet. There, now show us some pics when you're done.
I have a number of albums framed. Great to look at and conversation pieces. See my system and I think you can see some of them. IMO cool and inexpensive.
I also have music themed posters,a few signed hand bills, and framed albums.Looks good and creates a good vibe IMO.A friend of mine stapled decorator fabric over his wooden framed room treatments and it looks great also.
My wife is a fiber artist and she has made me hand made wall hangings which dampen reflections and look beautiful. I could offer her services but she is expensive! You can see them in my system pictures.
Framed album covers add a nice touch.

Anything with nipper and his masters voice is a plus. I have two such lit clocks.

No listening room is complete without a framed copy of the music audio sound spectrum chart poster.

From there, anything music themed is a natural. Artwork, concert posters, etc. From there, imagination is the limit.
This poster is one of my favorites. Love the admission price!

I rotate framed album covers.

Currently, "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" and "In Search of the Lost Chord" are on display.
Just google album cover wall frames. They come in a variety of styles and price ranges. I always thought they were a good idea since you can change the albums occasionally to add variety.
I like water colors. Artwork provides a visual stimulation to coincide with the aural delight of music. I find listening rooms with bare walls or only acoustic panels less than inviting.
I also have Whipped Cream and other Delights displayed. One of the great album covers of all time.
We sent my daughter to a local Art center to build her high school fine art portfolio for college. Well, she drew some really amazing stuff and got into a great school and a great program. I've now got her art hung around my listening space.

Never fails to get comments from friends when they come over. Nothing like original art in the house.
I have a painting my wife did, Nipper the dog statue and various Pearl Jam concert posters.
I have a commissioned a mural of a reclining nude Mama June, on the wall right in between my speakers. It encourages me to keep my eyes (tightly) closed and to concentrate on the music.
By the way its
My favorite is my King Crimson "RED" album with the screaming face. Keeps 'em guessing at my sanity. Or lack of it.
Have fun, John
You can also buy record frames at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. If you wait for a sale you can find them for about $10 with no mat
Check out Great jazz artist on oil. I have 5 in my listening room.