Listening habits

I am just wondering what the listening habits of some other audiophiles is. How many days in the last 30 days did you listen to your system? What was the average time that you listened for? How loud was your stereo?

for me...the average is 20 days, 2 hours, medium to loud levels.
I never listen to mine. I bought all this gear cuz I thought it looked cool. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure that I even know how to turn it on, but when people come over they comment on how cool it looks. If they want to listen to it I break into a syliloquy of audiophile terms, specs and measurements till their eyes glaze over and they dispair of life.

Some day I'll get the guys from the audio shop to show me how it works, but I'm afraid naysayers on AudiogoN will be right and my system will suck.

What's a poor audiophool to do?
On a more serious note,

I listen every day. Maybe 15 min in the morning, and all evening (3 to 4 hrs) (On the rare occasion I turn on the TV, the sound feeds into my amp, so technically, I am still listening)

In a semi-serious response to Nrchy, I was going to buy a car, but realized I would be paying a lot of money for something I would rarely use, similar to the scenario he paints of some audiophiles.
Nrchy, I always thought you didn't know where the swith was....otherwise you wouldn't have all that SS stuff. :-)

I have one system or another going about 8 hours a day. Serious listening - I usually devote a couple of hours in the evening.
Daily. I currently use my rig as room monitoring off my recording studio rig since they're in the same studio space for even if I'm "at work" my rig is still in use. Levels range from "as necessary" which could be anything from silent to throbbing off the console, to "medium/loud" depending on the music I'm listening to on my onw time. If it's jazz, not so loud. It it's A Perfect Circle, pretty loud. Also, I can't remember thae last time I sat down for a digital listening session.
I listen on average of 4 hours a day. I will listen longer when I can, but often enough life will intervene-thankfully. I usually listen on the louder side- between 8 and 9 oclock on the volume dial, just because I am in the habit of singing along with whatever I am listening to and my voice is definately non- audiophile grade. I switch over to my headphones after dark.
Probably ten hours per week at moderately low levels. I turn it up when no one else is home or when the wife is away on business which is a couple times a month.
About 3-5 hours per week at moderate levels, depending on the kids' state of mind. When the wife and kids are away, I listen a little louder. When I bring over a test mix with my fellow bandmates, we turn things up to 11.
for me it's pretty much every day for a least an hour, but usually 3-4, and sometimes more. I have a second system in my office that is on except when I am in a meeting. Volumes are medium to loud, depending on circumstance.
three times a week, 90 mins ea., 60-72dB SPL. I listen to my headphone rig and check the A'gon and AA forums MUCH MORE often than I listen to music on the big rig.
Every day I'm home, between 1 and 3 hours during the week, longer on weekends. Usually moderate levels, but louder when possible.