Listening china.. any xindak, shengya experiences?

couldn't sleep last night so as i often do, i jumped on line and spent a few hours bouncing through the audiophile net. I had seen some of the listening china products before but as i read more and more i became so intrigued i almost ordered an integrated amp. The build quality seems top notch and the parts certainly are some of the finest in the world. I combine that with my belief that the far east designs and builds with the best in the world and (i know this will bother some) clearly better than %99 of u.s. products, not even close.

xindak, shengya, dussun, bada or any similar...there is very little information on line about them, reviews etc.

i would love to hear anyones experience with these products, not just amps and pre but dacs, players, cables etc. the power cables looked pretty damn nice too.

thanks folks
The ShengYa CD-S10 is a well built excellent sounding CD player. I rolled the tube to an Amperex Orange globe 6DJ8 which really improved the sound. For $500 at the time it couldn't be beat.
If you haven't already, you'll want to take a look at the Pacific Valve website.
Be sure to read their "AboutUs" page for some things to think about before deciding who to buy from. They also have some good descriptive videos on many of the products they sell.

My one experience with Chinese-made gear has been very positive -- a Paxthon VTA-160 80w/ch 8 x EL34 integrated amplifier. I purchased it (new) from an eBay seller in the USA who seems to be the only one selling it in the USA. I've noticed that what appears to be a nearly identical amp is offered in Germany under the Twinsound name. It is sweet sounding, harmonically rich, and throws a very big image. Although its chassis is not particularly big (10.5 x 17 inches), it weighs 56 pounds, which I take to be an indication of transformer quality and general build quality.

Concerning that particular model, a fellow Audiogoner was nice enough to let me know that he resolved a problem on his unit which caused it to crackle on high volume peaks, by putting a 10K resistor in series with the grids of each of the low-level tubes. I haven't noticed that problem with mine, though, perhaps because I haven't ever driven it significantly past the clipping point.

If you buy directly from a Chinese supplier, make sure of course that what you are getting will work on USA line voltages, or else be prepared to use an ac transformer.

-- Al
Yes, the products from China are becoming outstanding values and sound great. Check out the Cayin and VAS lines. These are made in China from 'classic' designs but also you get USA service and support, from Steve.
My whole system was made in China with the exception of my Music Hall turntable. Consonance Cyber 800 monoblocks, Consonance Cyber 222 preamp, Soundquest SQ12 cdp, and Von Schweikert VR4jr speakers. I have had no performance or service issues. The fit and finish of all of these products is top notch.
Never have read a bad thing about Cayin in particular, and I believe at least one of their integrateds is a Stereophile Class B. Xindak too seems to be taking lengths to churn out some quality gear. I've ordered a couple MHZS cd players from Pac Valve. They are a reputable seller if not exactly 'friendly', though not to say that their customer service is lacking. wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.
thanks guys. the more i read about these products, the more fascinated i am. i am not a tube guy so allot of the products are not for me but i have considered a tube pre or hybrid integrated, something with low tube maintenance. there are hundreds of dacs and some networking devices as well. most pieces well under 1k!?!

thanks again
its about time little kids in this country built audio.
Absolute Sound and others are very complementary of Audio Space gear (article on their Reference 300B amp in current issue) - other reviews on line as well - there's some Agon user here with it who seem happy as well - based out of Hong Kong
I have a preamp cs6 and 2 monobloc pm300.
Really good !!!