Listening Chairs

I've seen a lot of HT chairs/recliners, but not sure they are ideal for just listening.

Anyone have recommendations for a chair/recliner for listening?
one that is comfortable and does not raise up past your shoulders in the back.

or you could go for one of Marco's perches.
Slappy's right -- you don't want anything to get between your ears and any of the walls, so don't go with anything that allows you to tilt your head back against it.
I have spent the last few months searching for the same.

Being 5'6" it is tough finding one that has a back that is lower than my ears.

Go to your closest La-Z-Boy showroom or The model is "Marlo". Kind of contemporary and very comfy. I am ordering one in leather.
Check out Backsaver ( ). Expensive but look comfortable.
eckornes ...the only listening chair
For years I've sat in a Ekornes "Stressless" chair that does rise in the back to ear level. I really like the chair for listening and I don't find the height of the back of the chair to be an issue, notwithstanding the conventional wisdom on this issue. I think the specific model I have is the "President" model.
The Room & Board Roadster chair with footrest - I'm short too so this is the chair I will buy when I can afford it. I definitely has the look and is oh so comfortable.

For those that are taller, Palliser has some chairs that are similar to the Ekornes chair, but less expensive (I think).
My personal choice is for Ekornes, I do happen to own 2 of them. Key metric is right they do tend to cost a little more, but remember some of us spend well over 30K on our gear and when we sit down to enjoy our system you should sit in something that truely helps us releive the stress of the day. There are many good manufacters but if you want the best go Ekornes, just my 2 cents. David
Personally, I would avoid using a chair especially made for HT. I'd rather put my money toward build quality than toward gold-plated cup holders!
Has anyone ever come across a chair with a back that cradles your a dentist chair?
Since it's not comfortable to be in bed and listening there should be some intercourse comfort in the chair also...:-)
Eames lounge chair! The chair Ekornes copied but, can't hold a candle to.
This is what I use. Both the chair and the sofa. The chair reclines, too -- which is real nice.
The same outfit (American Leather) does custom home theater chairs that also look awfully decadent. It is all very nice stuff, custom built, and highly recomended. Don't come all that cheap, though, unfortunately.
I'm with Mezmo on the quality of the American Leather furniture. I have their "Sheffield" was expensive, but if you look at the pics of my system, you'll see that it is all that I have in my living room (other than my system) sure is comfy to fall asleep on.