Listening as a civilian

Convalescing from recent surgery, I’ve been listening to my system differently from usual;  just listening as a means to get through the ordeal and not obsessing over the niceties or quibbles with sound.
It’s a time to sit back and enjoy all the work that’s been put in to improve things, and get into the music.


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All your responses make me appreciate what a wonderful community this is.
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about music during your convalenscense. I hope you recover quickly and fully.

I enjoy your posts and look forward to more of them.

Just stay away from the computer. My last surgery I wound up spending almost $1000,00 on new music! Nothing like Percs and new music:)
Music streaming is a great thing to help hold interest. If possible try playing some things you like then let random play kick in to find similar things you might like and not even be aware of  for you.