Listening after your entire system was powered off cold for a week+

Have you ever had your entire system completely unplugged-powered off for a week+, turned it all on, sat down for a brief listen, and immediately became disappointed with the sound after a cold startup?


With temporary amnesia, rediscovered again today for the 100th time there were no problems with my dac or tubes or any component failures going on.

@4-5 hours warmup, a radical transformation with the sound. Transformers on the dac, preamp, amps, all warmed up - - woah, here comes the missing tone, texture, soundstage, opening up nicely, and musicality. "There it is!".   Email this link to self, revisit periodically as prescribed. Maybe an isolated case :)


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Definitely the DAC, mostly. If I fire up the DAC all day long (at least 4-5hrs) before powering on the tube preamp and tube amps, sure makes a difference.

Tube preamp and tube amps do just fine after 1-2hrs warmup, as normal.

Mr. R2R NOS chip ladder DAC likes to be toasty to sound its best.  

My system is discernibly better after a week fully powered, even though the off switch powers down the amp

@stringreen good to know. Perhaps I had developed a conservative pattern of not powering things up as soon as I use to with my all-tube system, including my tube DAC. Over time I guess I slowly fell away from the benefit and realization of what a nice and extra-warm and settled system can do. Duh, bang hand against forehead.

With outside temps cooling off I’ve started to let things run longer before listening. Listening now with 8hrs warmup of the entire system and its really nice. Loving the system all over again. Just kind of re-surprised my forgetful self, again :) 👍


I do notice better sound when system is on as well as when it’s ‘up to temperature’. Though it could also be I warm up into listening too!