Listener magazine defunct ??

I just heard that the recent issue is the last. Being an SET/Lowther kind of guy it was my favorite. Is it true??
Have you heard Lincoln was shot?

It's true, read it from the horse's mouth

I remain
I enjoyed the mag. That's why I re-subscribed every year. I personally was not interested in horns/low-powered SETs and that's why I found many of the reviews of less interest. I also found the excessive (?) Naim and Linn reviews worthless, but, hey, I LIKED the magazine and I'm sorry it's gone. I will miss it.
They have announced to some of the manufacturers whose equipment the were reviewing or just finished reviewing that this was to be the last issue. It was not the magazines idea, the owners/parent company bailed on them!
Don't shoot me I just the bearer of the bad tidings.
I dug the personality of the magazine, but had little interest in most of the equipment they reviewed. I was (eternally am???) a subscriber and I'll miss their devil-may-care attitude. Listener was Listener, not all things to all people. Actually, they were hardly anything to hardly anybody and it was nice. Hence the disappearance?

Anyway, whatever. Any good suggestions for a replacement mag? Sound and Vision? Audio Video Interiors? Just kidding.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Hmmm, I got 2 issues for my subscription price.Where I grew up,people like this got found in the trunk of a car looking rather the worse for wear,but times change ,not always for the better. JK
I talked with Listener last week and they said that would refund everyones money on their remainding subscription. I agree with bday, I will also miss them but rarely found their reviews helpful.
Their billing system is alive and well. I got a invoice for $ 24.00 this week. I will hold on to it now . Thanks for saving me $ 24.00 I will be sorry to see it go. I know they were a little off , but at least they have fun. When I read Stereophile I have a hard time sifting throught the BS like in the New Issue the review of the Accuphase 85 cd player . The reviewer is makeing lots of excuses for the CD player section of a $ 16,500.00 player. I will be sorry to see Listner go.
Bound for Sound? Any good? Opinions?
I like BFS ( Bound For Sound ) but would say that Marty's interaction with specific individuals & manufacturers does influence his likes / dislikes. I think that BFS is more honest than many of the other mag's out there, but not to the point that Marty is willing to "cut & gut" a product. Having said that, BFS is willing to at least make you aware of the shortcomings of the products that they do review. Sean

PS... BFS is strictly a "flyer" type leaflet and not a glossy type rag. Don't expect glossy pic's or ANY form of advertising. If you like to drool over the latest and greatest, you'll have to keep your sub to TAS, Stereophile, etc..
I had thought that Listener was the publication of a regional audio society, perhaps out of New York. Is this correct?

I've been subscribing mainly because I miss the days when TAS was a real journal and Listener seemed to be striving to recreate that. That said, I'm worred about the direction that TAS and Stereophile are headed.

OTOH we have online journals like enjoy the music, soundstage, audiophilia, etc, working on filling the gap.

Someone got an e-mail from Englander Publishing that they would substitute an "audiophile" magazine for issues remaining on subscriptions. At that point, they weren't more specific on the exact title--I hope it's "Attainable Audio" myself.
Hi knew something was wrong when the Bunnies weren't in the last issue. It was the only magazine that I really enjoyed reading. Oh goes on. RIP Listener
ahahaha..... Attainable Audio, that's a good one. I lost on that one too : ( Sean
Just found out Art Dudley has gone over to the dark side, Stereophile.
Artmaltman, you're thinking of The Audiophile Voice, still in publication. Art Dudley is a talented writer and a fairly sane member of this hobby; hopefully he can retain that perspective if indeed he has joined the S-phile.
Mr Dudley has indeed joined the staff at Stereophile. I received an email from him earlier this morning. He stated that he fully intends to stay the course that he's been sailing on and hopes to continue exploring "uncharted waters" as far as Stereophile and the products reviewed are concerned. Personally, i think that his is great news for all involved and i hope Art & Stereophile all the best in this new business relationship. Sean
I e-mailed Listener about my remaining subscription and was referred to Gene Pitts (of Audiophile Voice) so apparently AV will be the replacement mag. Searching the Audio Asylum archives, I found that AV was also the replacement for "Fi" mag when it went under.
I'm sorry to see Listener go. I'm sure the economy has a lot to do with it. I just received a "late renewal" notice from an amateur video magazine that I dropped my subscription on some months ago. I guess they think I will just send them in a check, even though I did not re-subscribe!
I did have a subscription to Listener, but dropped it some months ago. I found the gear they reviewed not especially interesting; and some of the replies to reader letters were just plain hostile and nasty. Yet despite it's "quirks", I know that some folks did enjoy Listener.
Also, now that it appears that Mr. Dudley will be writing for Stereophile; it will be interesting to see if he tones down some of his remarks.