Listened to Transparent MusicWave?

Have some of you, ever listened/tested/reviewed Transparent MusicWave speakercables?

It will - in case of purchase - be combined with Dynaudio Audience 52SE?
I currently have a AudioQuest Midnight speakercable, but I'm tired of the very friendly, and a little bit too tubelike sound. I also miss more control in the bass.

I already use Transparent MusicLink between my CD player and my amp. I love the transparent, neutral and homogeneous sound it delivers.

Can any one help me, please?

Best regards,
Kenneth P.

I've used several price point Transparent speaker cables. For solid state amps and dynamic speakers they can't be beat. I just traded up to Opus MM. That is the level of committment I have to Transparent. You should audition a pair before making your own decision. Some people don't like the "rolled off treble" that is apparent with some comibinations of equipment. I love what they do to solid state amps and good digital front ends - tomb like silence, razor sharp imaging, dynamic and tight bass. I've been a fan for 15 years.