List your breakthrough products that you’ve discovered on this audiophile Journey.

1. Add Powr sorcerer X2/4 

Get this guy with a Nordost QB base and chuck your high $$$ power conditioning units for sale on the ‘Gon.

2. Hemingway Zcore cables. The beginning line of Zcore called the Alpha will outrun 90% of the super high end cables on the market 😱. They’ve been tested by those who run the big name brands and the Alpha comes out on top. Why? One word, realism. The next line up called the Beta is where the breakthrough Technology comes into play. Install a few of these and you will be a believer in this design. Sigma and Omega are next in line and although big $$$ you don’t suffer the law of diminishing returns.

3. Theoretica Applied Physics Bacch-SP Adio 3D Sound Processer. One box does it all. The future in one box. Bottom feeders will choke on this one.

4. Quantum Science Audio fuses. These guys work! Go Red! Unleashing your equipments full Glory.

This tread is only for your listed breakthrough products and not open to the haters and Eeyore type folks. I am sure they will leak in here to try and mock and distract this main purpose.

Dear Eeyore,

Please name your favorite, Positive, breakthrough product. 

Granny Ring,
You list-
Innuos new Sense 2.04 software absolutely trouncing the sound quality of Roon on my Zenith 3 server - what a revelation!

I see nothing on the Innuos Site referring to this. I have the same streamer. What is the product and where did you buy it?

Thank you.
@chorus it’s a free upgrade / revision for owners, mini currently excepted but coming…

there is a thread in digital on it
My feeling is in line with Tunehead.  Streaming and a good streamer transformed my appreciation for music and my system.  I get so much more out of my dac with my lumin sbooster setup with Roon than I ever could with some really good or great transports over the years.  And my music library is nearly limitless.  Through this developed a more nuanced appreciation of more aspects of the sound and music, I’ve been able to change a few components and really find what I enjoy most now, no real breakthrough.  Just access to a more vast and for me better quality source of music.
For me, it was 3 major things:

1. CDs. When they first came out, my friend called to his house, threw one against the wall and said, “look, their digital and they don’t break.” We spent so much money on CrO2 tapes seeking the perfect recording and looking for ultimate vinyl before then. 
2. HDMI - yes, even in the early days, it created simplicity. 
3. Hsu Tubes: I still have my original pair from none other than Dr. Hsu himself who I talked to directly about them when he invented them together with the outboard amp that is still going strong. They are nearly 5’ tall, have no WAF and sound unbelievable. I think they go down to 16-17HZ. Came with multiple spikes, a box of crossovers and circuit pullers. Just fabulous. Before the tubes, subs were just not that good to me. Now two big SVSs or whatever you like are great, but much more money and not any better than the tubes, in fact none blend as well to thins day IMHO. 
The single greatest bang for the buck audio device I ever bought is my DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core room correction unit plus digital equalization. I have used it to take my audio system to a level that did not exist before.

And I don’t trust my ears to guess. I use tones and a microphone to get flat sound 25-16k or so. The difference with the room bass correction and minor equalization is night and day. No one would argue, and the best money I ever spent on audio in 40+ years.