List speakers thast can be put cloeto rear wall

Many folks out ther eI am sure would like to hear of speaker that can be used realtively close to the wall.How many time do we hear in reviews or from folks here in the forumn that 'Speaker really open up five ft. fro the rera wall"But this is very difficult and a WAF killer gripe.Any suggestions for those whoneed to live in a no dedicated room where LIVING needs to take place?
The issue is that if you put a speaker near a wall it increases the bass and causes reflection in the mids and highs. The bass can be delt with if the speaker has a adjustable crossover to conture it to the room. I beleve all speakers should do this anyhow but many don't because of cost. The reflection issue is tought to deal with you can use acustical treatments to help. Don't get something to big for the room, made that mistake more than once. Or go with a on wall speaker and a sub to do the bass this works really well they just need to match perfect. Vandersteen vsm1 and a 2wq is a good example. Hope this helps.
NHT 3.3's
The Audio NOte speakers perform well near the wall.
Totem Arro. They fit just about anywhere.

Some of the Klipsch can go right against the wall.
My Zu Definitions are currently 3" from the front wall with no bass overhang problems and excellent imaging/depth. Remarkable.
Carolina Audio JTM's
Meadowlarks do very well close to the wall with no collapse of soundstage.
Programmergeek did an excellent job of summarizing the problems wall placement gives rise to. Nicely done.

If you can stand the width, the Snell Acoustics Type A (sadly discontinued) was made to go up against the wall, and it was among the finest loudspeakers of its day.

Several manufacturers currently make speakers specifically designed to go up against a wall and deal effective with the reflection and bass emphasis problems described by Programmergeek. I'm a dealer for one such speaker, the Gradient Evidence. Its cardioid midrange pattern minimizes interaction with the wall above 200 Hz, and the coaxial tweeter's pattern is controlled well enough to avoid the walls. The bass system can be set (via a jumper) for correct tonal balance when up against the wall.

I don't have much first-hand experience with other up-against-the-wall speakers. Allison makes some, and speakers in the Klipsch Heritage series are designed to go up against the wall (or even in the corners, ahem). Omega and Cain & Cain fullrange single-driver speakers are going to work well up against a wall also, I peddle one of these and yes I admire the other as well. I'm less familiar with Tannoy and Kef coaxials, but that format would help minimize the midrange and high frequency reflection issues; I don't know about the bass though.

At some point I might bring out a fairly high-efficiency design of my own that would work up against the wall, using well-controlled radiation patterns in the mids and highs and adjustablity in the bass region. While it's not like nobody is doing it, this is an area where I think there may be room for a bit more competition.
Have thought the Cain and Cain Abby sounds like a fantastic value and offer option to with value priced flea powered tubes or maybe these new Pass low powered jobbies.
Most of the Linn Products and Naim Audio speakers, especially the earlier models.