List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings

Here are a few of mine, in no particular order:

Jackie McLean: Dynasty

Betty Carter: The Audience With Betty Carter

Bill Evans: Live at the Village Vanguard

Gary Bartz: There Goes the Neighborhood

Abraham Burton: The Magician

Joe Henderson: State of the Tenor

Dave Holland Octet: Pathways

Stanley Cowell Trio: Live

Cannonball Adderly: Live at the Lighthouse

Michel Petrucciani: Complete Concert in Germany

NHOP: The Unforgettable NHOP Trio Live

Woody Shaw: Live in Bremen, United, Master of the Art,

Sarah Vaughan: Live in Tokyo

John Coltrane Quartet: Live at Birdland

George Coleman: Live at Yoshi’s

Stan Getz Quartet: Live in Paris

Miles Davis QuintetFour and More, Live in Antibes, Live at 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival and My Funny Valentine.



Nice video!

The instruments used and the performances must have provided an awesome demonstration of high end sound.

Most threads on Agon make me wish there was a block button available.  This one makes me wish there was a like button!  Some many albums to revisit and more importantly, so many to experience for the first time!  Thanks to everyone who has and will contribute to this!  

if it weren't for the dreadful sonics, the '38 benny goodman allstar jazz concert at carnegie hall would be top of the list. it was hearing that recording that made me get involved with digital audio restoration in the first place!


Thanks for your list !

Can you tell Post Bop is my favorite sub-genre ? ;o)

The Mahavishnu O. box set contains a second disc of previously-unreleased tunes from the same gig as "Between Nothingness and Eternity".

"Oregon -- 1974" is an excellent 2 disc set from a European tour. I was fortunate to see them in the late 70’s and it remains one of my favorite shows of all I’ve attended.



I saw Les in 1975. That guy was extremely charismatic -- he could really work a crowd. He took us all to church, skillfully merging so-called "sacred" and "profane" elements together so that you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. All you knew was it sure felt good!