List or discuss your favorite music

List your favorite music recordings, and why you love them. Sonic excellence, musical and emotional content, or maybe just fun and memories.
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Walter Trout and the Free Radicals His band plays a very tight Brilliant Blues-Rock music. Walter guitar playing on the same level as E.C.
I have yet to hear a recording of sonic excellence. Nothihg (and no one) so far can capture sounds realistically. I will name artists whom I like most: Miles Davis (from 1969 to 1975), John McLaughlin (his original two Mahavishnu Orchestras, his Indian period, his extraodinary trio with Paco de Lucia and Al Di Meola, "Que Allegria" album), Paco de Lucia (his "Siroco" is, I think, the best flamenco ever composed and played), Al Di Meola ("Ciello a Terra" and "Heart of the Immigrants"), Dead Can Dance (everything but their first album). No other names of such a caliber on the horizon. Compared to them the rest sounds helpless and hopeless.
Here is my list (emphasis on most varied of style), of some of the LP's that I enjoy for musical or emotional reasons. I won't attempt explaining which I think have sonic merit. Bill Evans "Final Village Vanguard Sessions" (Mosiac), Dead Can Dance "The Serpents Egg" (4AD), Kate Bush "The Hounds of Love" (EMI), Barney Kessell "Some Like it Hot" (Fantasy), Jay Mc Shann "What a Wonderful World" (Grove Note), Charlie Haden/Hampton Hawes "As Long as There is Music" (Artist House), Roger Waters "Amused to Death" (Columbia), Lou Reed/John Cale "Songs for Drella" (Sire), Peter Gabriel "The Last Temptation of Christ" (Geffin), Sarah McLachlan "Surfacing" (Arista), Ricky Lee Jones "Traffic from Paradise"(Geffen), John Lee Hooker "Boom Boom" (Point Blank), Miles Davis (almost all), The Royal Ballet, Ansermit, Orch of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. (RCA), Espana, LSO/Argenta (Decca), Lee Morgan "The Sidewinder" ( Blue Note), Frederica Von Stade, "Rossini, Haydn, Mozart (Phillips), Copland "Appalachian Spring" (Reference Records), Gregorio Paniagua "La Folia" (Master Disk ATR), Andre Previn "Like Previn" (Contemporary), Howard McGee/Shelly Manne/Phineas Newborn Jr/Leroy Vinnegar "Maggies Back in Town" (Contemporary), James Brown "Live at the Apollo" (King), Ben Webster/Oscar Peterson "Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson" (Verve), Steve Tibbitts "YR" Frammis (original) or ECM (repress), For Duke, (M&K Realtime), Dave Brubeck "A La Mode" (Fantasy), Tom Waits "Nighthawks at the Diner" (Asylum), Fleetwood Mac, "The Original Fleetwood Mac" (Sire), Ella Fitzgerald, "Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie" (Verve). Jimmy Guiffre, "The Jimmy Guiffre 3" (Atlantic).
Theatre pipe organ. The Mighty Wurlitzer. George Wright at The Chicago Theatre Organ. 1 Direct to Disc on Century Records from 1977, for you vinyl fans and two CDs for the digital crowd. Both outstanding! Any other theatre pipe organ fans out there????........Helloooo out there in internet land!
...just discovered Robert Lucas and "BUILT FOR CONFORT" on the "Audioquest" label. ...can't hardly wait to get other Lucas titles...Sound (for audiophilia-neuros patients)is SUPERB!!
It looks like almost no one wants to post here.This is the most interesting subject.What is the use of talking too much about wires and campwood we call loudspeakers?My $300.00 guitar played in a closet sounds better than Albert's $100000.00 system(sorry,man). Come on!Don't be afraid.
Mikhail, when you have a "live" source, its hard to compete with electronics. Kind of like my photography trying to compete with looking out ANY window (at reality). Good point, and hope other Audiogon posters will list music that we can consider for our own library. By the way, I agree with Eldragon, the Robert Lucas albums are some of the most fun blues/rock around. It's impossible to sit still when he plays! A great example is "Good Bye Baby" (last cut on side 2) of Luke and the Locomotives, it makes me laugh with joy.
Here is the list of my 11 year old son:Dead Can Dance(Into The Labyrinth),Jean Michel-Jarre(Oxygen),Pink Floyd(Wish You Were Here),Aquarium(very famous Russian folk-rock band),Al Di Meola(Kiss My Axe).Not bad.What do you think?
Glad to see you like Sarah McLachlin. "Mirror Ball" is a great live album, give it a listen. I have most of the vinyl you list also.
It would be a very long list Albert, so here is a short version off the top of my head, and allowing for the fact that I can never remember the names of albums; Steve Poltz "One Left Shoe", almost anything by Shirley Horn but try "You Won't Forget Me" (great test disk also - if it sounds wrong in any way then the problem is with your system), all of Count Basie's small group stuff on Pablo, most of Bill Morrisey's stuff but try "You'll Never get To Heaven", Christy Moore's live album, Guy Clark's live album, various Chico Freeman, Bill Evans "Waltz For Debby" and the other Village Vanguard albums/sets, Cannonball Adderly's "Something Else", David Sylvian's "Songs From The Beehive, any Eric Bibb album, any non-fusion Miles Davis, almost any Ben Webster... did I mention Duke Ellington? ...
This is easy. Pink Floyd live recordings from the 1975 and 1977 tours. Om my, raving and drolling I fell on his neck with a scream! It cant get any better.
KORN follow the leader,METALLIA any.TOOL undertow.CREED human clay, ACDC stiff upper lip,ALICE IN CHAINS any,PINK FLOYD any,LED ZEP any,STONES any,NEIL YOUNG any ROCKIN HARD AT 45 and lovin it!!
I like most classic and modern rock also, too bad it's usually not recorded as well as the audiophile stuff.
I`ve played drums in a rock band for 35 years,I love all types of music!I agree with Carl there aren`t many recorded rock music these days that are done well, here are a few that I think sound good. Alan Parson Project most of them anyway, Bruce Cockburn`s stuff is done very well, DEAD CAN`T DANCE all of them, Chick Corea Akoustic Band, the live one is great ,the studio one sounds good as well, some of the stuff from Frank Gambale is done real good,I also like some of the ones done by Bill Bruford, the last two were killer, the new one from Steely Dan is done very well. Vital Information the last three were very good,as well as Steve Smith`s last two outings, I just love music,I love to play it and hear it at home , at 48 and still breaking sticks and heads!!!!! love it, just plain love it!!!!! Greg
Dire Straits has very good sound on most of their albums, and the music is above average for rock. The remastered Tommy by The Who is kick ass rock which now sounds like a modern recording. Best remaster so far, IMHO, of pop music. The first Keb Mo disc is excellent blues and has a lot of warmth and air. Garbage Version 2.0 is great modern music, but the mix is club all the way, very mid-bass heavy, but there's good stuff at the very bottom, too, to test that sub-woofer. I'll do another post for jazz and classical, if that's what you're interested in.
Carl,yes that is the same dude who played with Journey, I do think he got some of his start from Jean Luc Ponty a few years back. I don`t know him personaly, but the guy who ran the sound crew at gig a few years ago said he was a pain in the ass to work with, Murry did sound for the Eagles, and Jean Luc Ponty ,he off the road doing a gig in Charlston at a big jazz club , he sure did a great job on my Pearl MASTERS KIT, the drums sounded great, the bass drums would ripe your head off. IMHO, means in my humble opinion. do have any Steve Smith cds? if you want a list , let me know. Greg
I just have Journey. What are the best 2 or 3 CD's from SS? Drummers are cool, but don't you have some hearing loss? Drums are extremely loud.
DG: Is this the same Steve Smith that was Journey's drummer? Do you know him? AG: Forgive my stupidity, but what does "IMHO" mean?
To Carl, yes I do have some hearing loss, back in the days we didn`t think much about that sort thing, you just got out there and played your soul out for the sake of music. Now to give you some of Stive Smith`s stuff,Vital Information "RAY OF HOPE" here`s one I like from him "THE STRANGER HAND" a new one with some great players on it, he has a few from Steps Ahead, the one they did "live in Tokyo 1986" is great, he`s done a few with Kit Walker. I wear ear protection now on my gigs to keep it to a level I will live with. Greg
Check out the Cowboy Junkies 'Trinity Session'. They were a bunch of no-name family musicians who managed to aquire the Toronto Church of the Holy Trinity as a recording studio. It's country blues, but it's just beautifully done. A reviewer on cdnow put it right when he said it has the shimmering of emeralds rather than Rhinestones. The recording is quite interesting in that it was made with a single EAR ambiosonic (sp?) microphone and an RDAT recorder. Unbelievable performance, excellent sound. Another recent great is the Diana Krall 'All For You' Album. Excellent performance, and also one of the best recordings I have ever heard. Her piano seems to span the room, and you can point to the 'giant keys in space' as she's playing. Very elegant piece. Great old album: Bruce Springsteens Nebraska. Great artists favorite album : Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg's "Ain't necessarily so'. Check out the last track 'Vocalise'. It's Beautiful. Happy listening.
Passionate LP's! Female vocals that force me to sit for long hours in front of the system. Jenny Warnes, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Sarah McLachlan, Stevie Nicks (only on Buckingham Nicks album). Female Jazz Vocals that are important to me are Anita O'Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington Billie Holiday and Carmen McRae. On a totally crazy note, try "My Life in Bush of Ghosts," particularly "Jezebel Spirit." Please don't take this last suggestion too seriously, the recording is made by dubbing a radio broadcast of a evangelist casting out the devil, and David Byrne and Brian Eno helping with some off beat music. Even if you cannot relate to the strange "southern salvation radio message," the beat is excessively fun.
One more passionate LP, (female vocal). Elizabeth Fraser, the seductive and mystical voice of "This Mortal Coil" and "Cocteau Twins" on 4AD records.
DRUMSGREG: Thanks very much for the info, I'll have to check those out! I'm sure it's been rewarding for you to play the drums for so long. Keep it up! ALBERT: If you can lower yourself to my level in vinyl...just thought I'd let you know how much better I like my Benz LO4 than my Glider. It's not a $10,000 cartridge like yours, but my analog rig will be as good or better than yours SOMEDAY WHEN I CAN AFFORD IT. My interconnect might be better than yours now, but I'm sure that Aesthetix Io of yours is very awesome. Does yours have the stepped attenuators, and do you drive the power amps directly with it (that's how I'd do it for sure)? Do you have the Jacintha "Here's to Ben" LP? Very smooth, but also compressed/mixed sounding. MY FAVORITE ACOUSTIC GUITAR RECORDING IS Analog Production's reissue of "Bola Sete: Tour de Force". IT WOULD DEFINITELY CONVINCE ANYBODY OF THE SUPERIORITY OF VINYL TO CD...don't know about SACD or DVD-A...not that it'll be in those formats in this decade!
Carl, I have heard the LO4, it is an excellent cartridge. The last cartridge I used before my Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum was the Benz Ruby, from the same family of designs as your LO4. My choice in audio cable is Purist Dominus RLS. My Aesthetix IO is the version with no volume controls, and I run it into a Viva single ended preamp. I have two outboard power supplies on my IO (custom built by Jim White at Aesthetix) and I have a Callisto ordered from Aesthetix with two outboard power supplies as well. I plan to couple the two together in balanced, with the IO at full out, and run single ended out of the Callisto to the amps. We will see how it works out. No Jacintha yet, but I plan to buy it. I have been spending too much money lately on E-Bay for LP's and with Mosiac Records.
I've been spending too much money on EVERYTHING lately, and I'm about broke. I thought you had the Onyx mistake. Anyhow, I recently bought a used pair of MIT Shotgun EVO RCA (Robert Harley's preferred cable), and I got a great price on it! I haven't heard your Dominus RLS, but I do believe this MIT would give it a run for it's the very least. I'm using it between phono stage and linestage. HAPPY LISTENING, and also buy all the new 45 rpm's from Classic Records...I WAS QUAKING IN MY SEAT from one of Mike Fremer's favorites, Balalaika Favorites on 45 rpm. THE BASS IS LIKE "OTHERWORLDLY" IN ITS DEEP EXTENSION...reminded me of my 48 kHz DAT recordings of nature with my condensor microphone. And Balalaika Favorites ISN'T EVEN A RECORDING THAT FEATURES DEEP BASS!!! Surely these reissues will fetch more $$ than original 33 rpms, at least beginning a few years from now...maybe.
This is a very enjoyable discussion topic. My taste in music is Classical, Jazz, Blues, musicals and some pop. "Sony meets Hawk" on RCA 2712 Classis reissue is a knockout! I suggest that if you can find these used records in very good or better condition give them a try. Glazunov :"Music for Saxaphone", Melodia C10-06997-8 beautiful classical melodies recorded well. Scarlatti 23 Sonatas Connoisseur CS 2044 beautiful piano melodies. Holst "Six Medeival Lyrics" Argo ZRG 5495 is the best saml choir record I have heard. Side 1 is a men's choir and side 2 is women's chior. Camelot orginal B-way cast Columbia KOS 2031 if you have heard an orginal clean copy of this then you are missing out on great voices and tunes recorded well. Do you know of other use sonic bargins? Other reissues that are wonderful and that I have been listening to a lot are Borodin "String Quartet No. 2 Decca SXL6036; Liszt "Todtentanz" RCA 2545 (Classic's 45rpm re-issue);Charbier Mercury SR 90212 (Classical 45 RPM).
I have the Sonny Meets Hawk reissue, but haven't cleaned it yet. The CD is killer, so the vinyl will be even better. I have most of the 45 rpm reissues, and will be getting the rest. I recently bought the Decca "Schubert-Krips: The Great" 2045, and it's THE BEST DECCA I'VE EVER HEARD. It's a reissue, but I'm not sure from which reissue label. STRING TONE IS EXEMPLORY for a Decca. And also, as you probably already know, Dave Brubeck's "Time Out" might be the best jazz piano recording in existence. The 33 rpm reissue from Classic is killer, and I'll be getting the 45 rpm of it also.
Get every Classic 45, decca, emi re-issues you can. I buy them automatically and haven't been disappopinted with any of them. Some of these are better than my $$$ mint orginals, only a collector should pay the big bucks for the orginals. The best music value out there are these re-issue and the use $5 record bins. Looking for a rare gem is fun and extremely enjoyable. The side benefits is that yoy can try different artists, performance and music outside of your experience and discover some great things. cheers, Gerrym5
well i just perused this whole list of faves and feel the urge to add to it and comment on some of it. lets start with the self titled "osamu" perhaps best described as japanese jazz fusion with not so much emphasis on the fusion. i have a few american copies and 1 japanese which is th best of the lot. i buy them when i see them, just in case. one of the tunes has a female vocalising in a very ehtereal way. i had the disc for years before i read the liner notes and found that it was minnie ripperton! if you see it, BUY IT! yes, shirley horn is wonderful, 'you wont forget me' is the first i heard and at first thought it was a new miles davis record until her sultry voice began with the title phrase. i have msot of her recent things and some of the old. ying tan had vinyl when he was running pacific vinyl with michael hobson, pre classic record days. thats where i picked up 'amused to death' on vinyl for 25. >>>>>>>>back to shirley rerallyh pissed. i saw her live at the cinegrill in LA after 7kyrs of anticipation. it was the 2nd set and when her band members had to help her onto stage, i thought that ist ws due to some physical infirmity. it wasnt, she was stoned on something, alcohol or other. she spent half of the time in a daze, not realizing even that she was on stage. i love her recordings, which ive had a hard time llistening to since,but sheel never get another penny form me in performance. what a disappointment. her video 'heres to life' is realy something, and the cd got a grammy. talk about piano players! brubecks got nothing on shirley. just listen to her albums, some of it is just awesome and especially in view of the fact that she sings while playing this good. the recordings are good quality also. onward,,,,,miles--TUTU. oh yeah, this is a great one. SIESTA, movie music that has a distinctly sketches flavor. and lets not forget the mosaic LP set of the gil evans sessions. i bought this one early, $171 delivered. check the prices now..... bela fleck:'flight of the cosmic hippo' first heard at a sterephile show on avalon ascents,inergetics subs + equip, with all xlo cables, demoed by roger skoff. very fine stuff for evalluating the transition from your sats to your subs. great fun as music also. didnt recognize 'star spangled banner' untio my daughter pointed it out to me. live recordings--direr straits 'on the night'. the instant i heard the crowd noise, i knew it was going to be a great one. patricia barber 'companion',, good new fem voc. her previous stuff is good too. heard it first on KLON (check this station out onm the web! superb jazz station. kurt elling 'the messenger' and alson his new live one. great scat, intelligent music, keeps you interested. it came as no surprise to me when HP declared mehta's planets to be great. for the uninformed-holst:the planets suite with the LA phil. the musicians were having fun playing familiar and loved music while the recording team was nearly perfect in capturing the event. been listening to it since the 70s. i saw it at a stereophile show used pile for $75, got it in canyon country, ca in an easy listenig pile for $3! its now avail on cd coupled with also sprach zarathustra, and star wars (upc#28945.29102 4) pictures at an exhibition on telarc with lorin maazel and the cleveland orch-----difinitive performance, powerful recording and FINALE. for the definitive performance in my opinion (who asked for it?)is..................TOMITA. man, you can just about see the dance of the unborn chicks. pictures indeed. wellll, that just about does it for now. this was fun, and with no interrupting cows. later, ill be back.
Peter gabriel and early Genesis still sounds great but inferior recordings makes it tough to stay hooked on them. Heard a Stanley Clarke concert in the mid 70's and I have enjoying Jazz/fusion ever since. ECM recording are topnotch Terje Rypdal Eberhard weber,Metheny,Kieth jarrett to name a few. Return to Forever(Romantic warrior) Al di Meola(kiss my axe) are real system testers. Phil Collins'fusion band Brand X had about 10 great albums. Most of Andreas Vollenwieder. Camel. Patrick O'hearn's music and recordings can make one melt. Patricia Barber is HOT.
To David99, I'm a Ram is most probably the version done by Roy Buchanan. He is a Blues/Rock artist, and has done this song on at least two releases. One is from 1975, On Polydor #2391152, and the other is a newer (1992) anthology. The song is originally an Al Green song, but his version is more "funk" or "soul" than pure Blues. The only other artist that I know of that did this in a Blues/Rock fashion is Five Hundred Pounds, titled "Big Daddy." My vote, based on your description is the Roy Buchanan version. The 1975 would be available on LP, the 1992 version could be possibly either.
Snook2. Good call on the ECM's in my opinion. I have a entire shelf of ECM artists. In my earlier posing I mentioned Steve Tibbitts (I am a big fan), and most of his work is on ECM. Should also mention the following artists or groups: Oregon, Don Cherry, Carla Bley, Charlie Haden, and Pat Metheney and Keith Jarrett. All of these have excellent work on ECM, most of it can still be found on LP. There is also a web site for ECM Germany, and they will ship to the USA.
Albert,The 1975 Buchanan L.P. is called "LIVE STOCK" F.Y.I. Thanks for the lead!
Tibbetts is still one of the most inspiring artist over the last 20 years. THe label (innovative communications)owned by Klaus Schulze had great stuff along with his material. ECM has a website but I forgot how to get to it.
The easy web address for ECM is: If you want, I will try to uncover the others, but I know this link works, as I just tried it.
Carl, I don`t know if you`ve got the other Steve Smith`s CDs I`ve told you about ,But today I`ve picked a new one from him that was very good, its called Buddy`s Buddies, there sure is some great playing on this CD .Let me know if you picked up any of them. Greg
Greg, sorry I haven't picked any of them up yet, and am spending much time trying to decide on power cords for my amp right now.
Carl , thats cool, just thought of letting you know about Steve`s new one. Hey have you tried the Omega Mikcro power cord ? I just got some of there A-2 interconnects and they were KILLER on my system,I hear there power cords are great too! Oh yea, go to audio and look what they are saying about the new way to use the maggies, you`ll have a ball with this one. Greg
OK, I'll check it out.
As noted in an above post, I too am a big Cowboy Junkies fan, and I like "The Caution Horses" as well as "The Trinity Sessions". If I were to make one music recommendation, it would be "Mai're Brennan", self titled CD and her follow-up disc "Perfect Time". Mz Brennan (1st name pronounced Moira) is the sister of "Enya", and also lead singer of the group Clannad. Her music, I suppose, could best be described as neo-celtic to Irish folk. Her ballads are especially beautiful and the recordings are well done. She now has a total of four CDs out, and all are excellent. I also really like Loreena McKennitt's music; and any blues from Delta to hi-NRG Chicago. On the MFSL label, John Lee Hooker (The Healer) does a duet with Bonnie Raitt (trk # 3) that has sent chills up and down my spine. Bonnie Raitt's slide guitar playing is as good as Ry Cooder's, and the recording is outstanding. Muddy Waters is another MFSL recording I really like.
Garfish: Which Loreena McKinnitt CD had the single that got so much radio airplay about a year and a half ago?
Albert or others, What's a good search pattern for LPs on e-bay. My try yesterday was frustrating and didn't yield anything good. I am interested in Classical and Jazz orginal recordings. Gerrym5
Hi Carl; re: L. McKennitt. I suspect the radio play was from her 1997 release "The Book of Secrets"-- a fantastic CD and my favorite (I don't know the track). I don't listen to much radio as I live well off the beaten path. I think I've got enough Celtic heritage that her music, especially the heavy percussion neo-celtic/new agey stuff, makes my blood race. Some think some of her music is paganistic, and she's gotten some criticism, but I think it's beautiful and stirring. L.Mc. actually lives in Canada, but of course has Celtic heiritage.
OK, thanks. I'll check it out.
Gerrym5. On EBAY, go to "Books, Movies, Music." Then before hitting search, click "Records" under "Music." When the search page comes up, click the box that says "search only in Music: Records." By starting this way, you don't get photo's or memorabilia or other formats. By putting the artist name in the search I described above, you get a page or two of only what you are searching for. An added benefit is to have All Music Guide in your bookmark, then you can search all the work by any artist and see the relative quality and performance rating, it can help by providing the cuts on the particular LP you are studying, and when the recording was made and even who played on that recording with the main artist. Then, click back to EBAY, and decide what you are willing to pay, now that you are informed.
Thank you. That really helps, and nice touch on All Music Guide also.
about loreena mc kinnet------i saw a video playing in an EXPRESS womens/firles cothing store and ity was great. havent seen it in the stores like best buy where iv gotten other good itmes. dingo with miles davis 4instance. i guess i could try cdnow.
I just purchased two factory sealed Bob Dylan LP's, "Freewheelin" (Columbia PC 8786), and "The Times They Are A-Changin'" (Columbia PC 8905). They were only $10.00 each at a record show last weekend, here at a nearby Hotel. These are obviously much more recent releases, as they have the new Columbia Logo and Label and have a barcode on the album jacket. I don't know what else there is out there like this, but these two pressings are DEAD quiet, and the sound is wonderful. I suspect there is more of this material out there, please share with me any classic rock like this that I am not aware of.