List of Unlabeled HDCD's

Hello everybody, I know there is a list of HDCD titles on their website, but a couple members here have noticed that some cd's not labeled as HDCD's are actually HDCD's!!! I have a player with the Pacific Microsonics decoder and would like to get some HDCD's that are not on their main list. Please post Album info if you have some of these. Thanks, Eric
A lot of CDs are not labeled. A complete list of all HDCD discs labeled or not is at:

Hmmm.... Are you sure the list is complete? Bob was saying that some weren't included in that list.
All I know is I own a few HDCD encoded disks that are on their list, and these disks do not have any mention what-so-ever on the cover or internal booklet of being HDCD.
My DAC display's "HDCD" when it recognizes an HDCD disc, and I've occasionally been surprised to see that an unlabled CD has actually been HDCD encoded-- don't remember which at the moment, but Lucinda Williams "Car Wheels on a Gravel Road" is an HDCD disc, and I don't know that it's labled as such. An excellent recording BTW. Cheers. Craig.
Here's another slant on that question,2 Against Nature by Steely Dan is noted as a HDCD disc on the official site yet I have only seen it in the UK as a normal disc-anybody got an HDCD version?
I'm with Sugarbie on this,off top of my head-The Doors Complete Studio Box-set,XTC's Wasp Star and Dave Brubeck Take 5 are releases that have no HDCD's makings anywhere but are on the list.
Craig my copy of CWOAGR has a large HDCD logo on the CD booklet.
I should have made it clear that the discs I mention as on the list but unmarked are indeed HDCD discs........
I've noticed that a lot of non HDCD's easily whomp quite a few HDCD's. Some HDCD's are amazingly well recorded though. I have a couple of great ones that are not labeled (HDCD) and are not on the list:
The Other Quartet-Sound Stains (KFW297)(a bit like some of the best instrumental Zappa)
Vincent Courtois-Translucide (ENJ93802)(tuba, guitar, trombone, electronics and the meanest recorded cello I've heard.
Here is a strange one for everyone : Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now. I don't know whether it is marked HDCD or not, but, some of the individual songs are HCDC, others NOT (at least according to my DAC). This is a first for me.
Although I have never considered the Grateful Dead as Audiophile listening material I must say If you feel the same you will change your tune if you happen to hear The Golden Road(Box Set remastered RHINO WARNER BROS) HDCD.
I remember listening to my brother play this stuff growing up if it sounded this good I would have drank the Koolaid too. Now if you are a "Dead Head" and own an HDCD player you need to buy this.
I think this is a very good idea!
On a related side note...

It appears that the first song on the first dics on Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" is HDCD encoded, but the rest of the tracks are not (at least according to my CDP, the light goes on only during that one track) A curious thing.
Natalie Merchant's "Motherload" is not labeled, but it is HDCD, it is a good one!
Two more are new Beck album "Sea Change" and the new Sigur Ros album "()".