List of small speakers for 6 watt T amps???

Seems like many small speakers like say my B&W 302 will probably play softly off a Sonic Impact T amp or maybe the Red Wine and others modded low output T amps.(Those 302's never can sell them if if not being used.$250 list-good reviews .Why they changed it with it's unique back plate with internal pyramids to break up standing waves to make the sma eas everybody else 303 withimn a year of it's introduction is beyond me-I digress).
Yet I asssume there must be some small monitors in the $150 to $300 or even up to $500 for those of us who would like to try to use the 6 watt T amps.Maybe a a cheap Fostex based mini with 95+ db?Perhaps the way to go is single driver with Fostex or other high effciency driver,no crossover since we don't need thumping bass or dog whistle HF extension.Any candidates you denizens know of?This I am guessing will provide better sopund than the mini systems which many of us use in bedrrom or office.I'd like to hook my computer up and though I can use a decent compact mini system like my Denon (which is just starting to have poperation problems-thus my timming).Any idea's?????
Any Triangle model (ESW). I have used Titus, Zerius, and best of all Altea ESWs with Red Wine Audio's Clari-T. Outstanding combination without reservation. They are rated at 91 db/watt, and I have cranked some AC/DC to near 100 db without incident. Kick drum and bass are spot on and can be felt with the bigger Triangles. The high end is sweet - at least in my room (9' X 14').

There is a new pair of Alteas going for less than $1,000 right now on Agon. That is an outstanding deal!

Good luck!
Yes, Triangles would be a great choice. If you want even more efficiency, the Omega loudspeakers are great too. A little less smooth than the Triangles but most models have 96dB sensitivity. I believe Red Wine and Omega are affiliated somehow.

Check out I have a pair with a RWA Tripath amp, nice combo.
Klipsch Heresys, used.
Try the Tube Audio Design TAD803SD. The 2007 model is the one you want and I think they are currently $179 a a pair.
Why not score a used pair of Hornshoppe Horns?
Much thanks.Think I saw a modded $150 T amp on ebay which might be better than standard Sonic Sonic Impact $139 box which is nice since Red Wine seems to have gone all oput with $1500 30 waat and $3K 70 monos.Probaly not same league as Clari-T though seems likem there is one left up right now built from spare pars found in stock.The world srill needs a good 5 cent Cigar.Think I am also going to read some specs from mif-fi suspects like Polk,Infinity etc and see if they might be small and at least 90db and give a whirl.Would be nice if I could get a Quad 11L as I am very impressed with their traditional moving coil products.But TAD's ot Omega might be the way I have to go