List of plinth builders for Technics SP10 MK3

Would like a dual arm plinth built for my Technics SP10 MK3.

Looking for reasonably priced builders.

I looked for references but there are very few listed.... and most are old listings and no longer available.



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I believe that the most reasonable price is the original obsidian base with its own dust cover;  all other manufacturers charge prices higher than the turntable value.
The obsidian for mk3 is much nicer than for mk2, but make sure to replace the footers under this plinth, the stock footers are weak. 
Here you can see my ex Obsidian and custom Teak Wood plinth.

Pneumatic insulators - highly recommended under the plinth (they are adjustable and supports up to 60kg) 

What exactly are you looking for ?  

Can make almost anything - have done a few Technics Plinths 

Take a look at my systems page too theres is a Technics pictured there

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For two tone arms, I think you might consider building a plinth that encloses the motor only. In other words, get rid of the rectangular escutcheon that sits on top of the surface of most plinths for the mk2 and mk3. Once you get rid of the escutcheon, there is much more room for two tone arms and 9 inch tonearms. Even a single 9 incher won’t work well with that escutcheon in the way.

That's hard to do especially on the MK2 as all the circuit cards are installed on the plate and they plug together via sockets on them with no wiring harness.  Everything of course is possible but it would require quite a bit of engineering to do.  

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I was only thinking of the mk3, where electronics are outboard. It’s been done by many, including Steve Dobbins. Probably OMA too.

I posted a picture of the innards of the SP10mk2 on my systems page for reference

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Thx, but like I said, Rich has a mk3, and my remarks about shedding the outer chassis were only as regards the mk3. And it’s been done many times before by various companies. The motor of the mk3 is apparently easy to dissect from its chassis.
"all other manufacturers charge prices higher than the turntable value"The SP10 MK3 is no longer well regarded and worthy of high level upgrades?

surely you can upgrade but you need to do it "cum grano salis".
Spending more on a plinth than the turntable cost (whatever it cost) is simply irrational or madness!
I would much prefer to mount the SP10 MK3 motor 'naked' and have not been able to find any 'diy' references?

Don't know how good this Acoustand Solid Plinth V2 is, but would be very convenient:  
Actually, would like a simple plinth in the same design as the Acoustand, minus the adjustable arm boards... just a blank arm board on each side, to be drilled out for whatever arm used.
Would be able to have arm boards made of various materials.

Your comments are always welcome... I have learned so much from your threads and posts!
Don’t know how accurate the value is, but just looked on Ebay for recent completed transactions (Past 2 months) for Technics SP10 MK3 and the lowest price was $6225.00...came in simple diy wooden plinth, no cover, there were imperfections/marks/scratches on the motor unit,, it was located in Japan. My motor unit looks ’as new’ and my controller also is in nice condition and has the SL 1000 style plinth/cover in very nice condition.
There was also a new in box SP10 MK3, motor/controller only, that sold for $11,211.00 on December 29, 2019 on ebay

I have a Dobbins plinth for a mk3 for sale if interested - it is listed

do you have a link ? i’d like to see it @bfalls

Reviving this thread as I’m still looking for a plinth to mount my SP10 MK3 motor, ’naked’ and with the availability of 2 to 3 arms.
Would prefer Panzerholz as the upper material.

@rich121 It is no secret that I am a advocate of Panzerholz.

I have seen it with a finishing coating that really works well with it in use as a TT Plinth, where the Raw Material is enhanced to a attractive lustre.

The TTS 8000 as seen in the Link is done by an individual I know in the UK. 

Rich, surely you’re aware of Albert Porter’s panzerholz plinth for the mk3. Has he ceased to sell them?

Thanks lewm, but I am wanting to mount the motor 'naked', like Steve Dobbins, Chris Thornton (Artisan Fidelity).... I don't think Albert has a design for that style, at least not when I communicated with him before?
I did message him though, and again, thank you.

Even more interesting. 

The design where the Stator / Platter Bearing Housing is embedded into a Chassis/Plinth on a SP10 is commonly known of as the Kaneta Design and gives credit to the creator Dr Kaneta. There are today a few Variants of the earliest of designs.

I am a variant of this designs produced using Panzerholz or Permali for a SP10 MkII (the new TT is now purchased to be donated for the build ) and a friend has already got their one produced, the only delay at present is the New Power Supply being produced.

I have encouraged this route for quite some time, as I have first hand experience of the PTP Solid Nine which creates similar for a Lenco Idler Drive. The PTP and Kaneta shares a similar design intent and I can't help but feel quite sure the notable merits for the Lenco Idler Drive mechanical interfaces will transfer over to a DD TT.

There is plenty about this design on DIY Audio to strongly suggest a Kaneta variant  it is a valuable addition. 


Strictly speaking, I think the Kaneta plinth was designed for the mk2 and not the mk3. The two chassis’ present distinctly different issues, because the mk2 is larger below the surface and houses all the electronics. Thus re-plinthing, if you want to separate the motor from the electronics, requires also that you build a box for the latter. The mk3 is actually easier to upgrade in that regard; the motor is fairly easy to remove from the small round housing found below the visible upper surface of a mk3. For my mk3, I commissioned a large heavy slate that houses the OEM assembly. Below that I installed a bearing damper a la Porter. And below that a substantial solid cherrywood base that bolts to the slate. IOW, I elected not to follow Dobbins’ idea, although I greatly admire his work. I succeeded in making my mk3 so heavy that I cannot lift it without assistance. I’ve also done the Krebs mod, and I’ve upgraded the chip a la JP Jones. I’m done.


Rich, if you want to use slate and if you opt not to do the Dobbins mod, I can offer some guidance. I think I still have the pdf file that was used to program the water jet to cut the slate.

As stated, about the Kaneta design for the SP10 MkII, 'there are Variants'. It seems to me to be quite clear where the Butt Stops when investigating the Kaneta Design.

The Jury can decide if the Kaneta Design is to limited to the MkII only and any variants seen are not sharing the designs concept.

Dr Kaneta is also one who is responsible for other pioneering uses of modern concepts in Electronics. He has produced designs around the Korg Nutube of which I am a advocate, I have heard this component as a key component used in Pre-Amp's and a Phonostage and am having a device produced at present utilising the Korg Nutube in a circuit that is a Balanced Design.  

Peter Reinders who has evolved the PTP Design, has been vocal in their acceptance of seeing variances to his designs produced by others. He only requests that commercial ventures are not put in place utilising them. 

I am sure that Dr Kaneta is one of the great geniuses of all time, in the category of an Einstein. That wasn’t my point. Apologies to his family if I did not pay heed to his seminal contributions to audio.  I would still credit Steve Dobbins with explanting the SP10 Mk3 motor assembly, although the idea to do it was already “in the wind”.  Peter Reinders is a great guy who was uncommonly generous some years ago in openly sharing his design for both the PTP Top Plate and the use of a slate plinth and how to cut it for a Lenco.  Slate was later replaced by Corian in the commercial version of his plinth.  Thanks to Peter, I was able to commission the construction of a slate plinth for my Lenco, using the first commercial version of his top plate.

Whilst scouring the Japan Auctions, I have found a Vendor who has offered a Kaneta Variant.

This is produced using the SP10 MkII as a Donor Model.

The design is very tidy and is with the Stator Housed in a resinous stone Plinth Chassis, limited to one Tonearm, which looks to be a 9" type. The Power Supply again is looking very tidy and is a produced as Two Modules, on e for the Speed Control and the other the Power On/Off.

This is a TT, I do not really need, as I am on the verge of having a Panzerholz Plinth/Chassis Model produced, with a bespoke produced Power Supply/Speed Control.

The design for the Panzerholz being produced for me, is not exactly the end design I want to have in use either. I have a design that I want to put to use, once I have experienced a few Kaneta Variants and offered others the chance to experience the Kaneta Variants in comparison to the Standard SP10 MkII mounted on a P'holz Plinth.

This will be a little more involved with the SP10 MkII, as the Plinth Materials are seen as critically important for the end designs, but will still be quite similar to how I demo'd a GL 75 Idler Drive.

The GL75 has been demo'd as a Standard Model, as a Modified Model in a purpose produced Plinth and as a PTP Solid 9 and Speed Control. There are new discoveries of betterment made with each type of TT being demo'd, as the designs are shown to be improved for the required mechanical interfaces on the TT and ultimately control of the TT's Speed.


Whilst scouring the Japan Auctions, I have found a Vendor who has offered a Kaneta Variant.

It would be more useful iff you posted a link.

You go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about top secret experiments you have observed - are you a closet manufacturer or MI5 ??

@dover It is my experiences and outcomes of discussion and investigation I am sharing on this forum, with a few mentions periodically of how I intend on evolving a idea that has already manifested or even materialised.

I have Audio System I am very happy with, it allows me to replay music to a level that 'I' find very attractive, 'I' don't need more than this and can quite easily rest where 'I' am.

In parallel with the usage of a Audio System to enjoy time set aside for listening to Music Replays. 'I' have spent many years visiting others with a enthusiasm for audio and proven for their being creative with EE work and Mechanical work that is relating to audio reproduction. I have caught the bug a long time past and really enjoy a dabble in this area with no desire to remunerate myself in any way, most devices produced or bought in to be worked with are still owned, not my wifes favorite subject this one. I won't be changing this at any time, it is the other fuel that keeps the social aspect of my interest/hobby healthy and alive. I do not envisage a time where the social side of this interest in both meeting and listening/meeting and putting ideas for designs in place, will diminish. 

I deliberately keep info to a minimum when I have been dependent on the input of others to help achieve a design that functions, especially a functioning design that is creating the perception of a substantial improvement and performing above my expectations.

As far as I am concerned, the assistance offered and designs put to use, are not mine, but are the thought from others as a result of my priming the subject. It is for these individuals who are putting in the creative work, to come forward and pass on their IP, certainly not mine. I hope this is understandable, maybe that is that I am not too vociferous with sharing others IP, that is a Cornerstone of the relationships/friendships that have been built .  

I regularly put Links on this forum, especially with content that helps others determine where the fundamental ideas that I am working with and a advocate of are coming from. The added Link will show a individual who is worthwhile looking up in relation to Kaneta Variants

I can only share my experiences and these to others are merely opinions or suggestions. Further learning on a subject will need to carried out by others, it will be their footwork and how they develop a curiosity/creativity that brings their own rewards.



I know someone who gutted his SP10mk3 and created a new plinth structure for the motor/bearing/platter.

Unfortunately it sounded awful.

I also a spent a few years listening to a standard SP10mk3 with the matching Technics EPA100mk2, both purchased brand new, it was ok, but not revelatory.


@dover That assessment you have offered might be very good for @rich121, as it does seem this is a method being considered for their SP10 Mk III,which I am assuming is very similar to the one seen in the link.

I do not know if the version you are referring to is one based around this type of design, or if it was built into a different material as he Support Structure. My experiences are when selecting materials to be utilised as a structure for a TT's plinth, there are plenty of materials that can be detrimental to the TT's sonic capabilities. 

I have never really developed an interest in the Mk III, I don't recollect any time when I was watching the market for one, this leaves me with little knowledge about how these TT's have been bettered over the years.

I can't at present comment on the Sonic produced from a Kaneta Design or Variant used for a SP10 MkII, as I am yet to experience one.

When the Kaneta Variant demo's are taking place, the comparisons will also include a Panzerholz Plinthed, Standard SP10 MkII refurbished by one the UK's renowned individuals who refurbishes/modifiers this model. 

Fortunately for me I am very much enjoying the ownership and usage of my SP10 MkII. When used in my system, it has been a captivating experience.

For many who have been demonstrated it, it has seemingly been captivating as well.

The notion of how much others enjoy the system, is from the time when I demo'ing at a public attended event and out of 50 exhibitors and approx' 500 Paying Visitors to the event, my hotel exhibiting room was crammed with attendees for the bulk of the days exhibiting. Individuals were clearly stating the set up was the best on the day of the event. That as a gross assessment is certainly better than an assessment from one individual, making their claims of whether an experience has been attractive or repellent.    

Actually, for the right plinth, I don't have to mount the motor 'naked', but I do want a quality plinth.