List of most high end analog active crossovers ever made.

Luxman A-2003 (tubes!)
Accuphase F-15L
Accuphase F-25
Sony TA-D88B 
Sony TA-D900
Yamaha EC-1
Pioneer D-23
Pass Labs..?

Please contribute, current in production can be included, (no pro audio).


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Audio Research EC-21 tube x-over
Uow! never heard about this one, I imagine that is a rare unit...
Yes, from the old days of ARC when Bill Johnson ran the company! 
  • Threshold PCX
  • Krell KBX
  • Krell KRX
  • Bryston 10B
  • Pass Labs XVR-1
  • First Watt B4
Nice! thanks for the contribution
The Bryston 10b is no slouch....(I see it on the list now)

The pioneer units, and the nikko, and at least one sony (see those as well) unit can also go on the list, if they are internally upgraded. Marchand is also on the list, if the same is done. but many of these are in need of refurbishing, regardless.

oh yes, the audio research units, but they will also need refurbishment.
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Way back in the 80's I had in house for an audition the Audio Research, but ended up buying the Mark Levinson LNC-2.
I always felt the later was an excellent performer.
I use the low pass section of the Dahlquist crossover, which uses active devices to provide an adjustable 18db per octave slope.  Mated with the active internal high pass filter on my Beveridge 2SW amplifier/speakers, the crossover point is "seamless".  As a general rule, most of the tube based crossovers, Marchand excepted, provide only a 6db per octave slope, like the ARC one.  Solid state crossovers are more likely to provide higher order slopes (12, 18, and/or 24 db per octave), typically. (There are exceptions to every rule.)
How about the JL Audio CR-1?


Lew, I think Roger Modjeski (who designed the electronics for Beveridge) has an updated/improved x/o for the 2SW, as well as a new dedicated direct-drive tube amp for the speaker.

I had the Dahlquitst DQ-LP1 for years, selling it only after I got a First Watt B4. The B4 is unbelievably versatile: high-pass and low-pass 1st/2nd/3rd/4th-order filters in 25Hz increments from 25Hz to 6375Hz. All discrete (Toshiba Jfets), no opamps or IC’s. Unfortunately, the B4 is no longer available assembled, only as a DIY kit. Nelson’s Pass x/o is even better, but sells for a lot more (the B4 listed for $1500).