List of european tube amplifier manufacturers

Hi I am trying to put together a list of european tube amplifier manufacturers. Why? Because I get better bang for the bucks if I don't have to import from the US and also because many parts of a tube amplifier are produced in Europe.

I am looking for an integrated tube amplifier and so far I have this two on my list.

  • Mastersound BoX
  • PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium integrated amplifier
My speakers are a pair of Tekton Design Double Impact with a 96db spl.
Put Octave Audio at the top of your list.BTW, PrimaLuna is manufactured in China.
Are you in Europe? 

The BoX is a great pairing with the DI. Eric and I traded products to get a feel for the pairing and I can say the BoX didn’t feel like it left anything on the table. It’s a unique product in that it’s an affordable single ended product with a lot of balls to drive the music. 
I can second the Octave suggestion. My local dealer sells Octave and I've heard them on numerous occasions and they're superb sounding.

+1 on the BoX.

You haven't stated a budget...

I recommend adding Lyric Audio to your list.
Audion, Croft, Icon Audio, Audio Note UK, Jadis, Ayon, all come to mind for European tube amp makers. I am sure there are dozens of others.
Thanks for the input so fare.

I am going to answer some questions. I live in Europe, Denmark to be more precise (: and my budget is around $3000. 
@tpreaves so many product are produced in china. I dont mind.
You asked for European tube amp manufacturers. That's why I made the statement about PrimaLuna.Good luck in your search.
Unison Research, Mastersound, Einstein audio,Symphonic Line,KR audio...
here you can browse the used market as well
Add Lyric to this list, made in Germany.
Copland hasn’t been listed.
Octave is top notch! One of the best amps I have heard.