List iof 192khz/24bit music in Qobuz

Many are 96/24. I am trying to find 192/24. How?
Tap the album image then go to description. That’s the only way I know without playing the tracks first.
Put "192" (no quotation marks) in the search window.  Voila!  You'll get some additional results and have to filter through those.
Great trick, 192. Once an artist is in 192, all of the artists albums seem to be in 192. I had no idea Kiss and Neal Diamond recorded so many records, although that is better as an example than useful information. 
I find if I really want the best sound from Qobuz and I like a particular album or track, I buy it and download it. Tracks in HiRes are $2. Albums in HiRes (if you have Qobuz Sublime level) are about $10.) Even 16/44 is much better than the streaming version.
What is nice is that, as far as I know, Qobuz is the only source of some HiRes material. I can't find it on HDTRACKS or ACOUSTIC SOUNDS.Especially some older classic rock/pop.
At least to my ears, the sound of these items is far better than I have found anywhere. It's much better than my own ripped CDs in 16/44. It's quite amazing. I never knew there was a source for this music in HiRes.

While this can get expensive, if you just get some things you really like, it's not too bad.