Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa's new release "To Whom It May Concern" really rocks out! She worked on this for 5 years & the effort is impressive especially for her first. Husky voice (like her dad's) & very talented writing. Elvis would be proud! Caveat: There's some profanity thrown in the song about her ex-husband, & the emotions are quite raw / powerful. Lisa even gave me the goosebumps!
she gave michael goosebumps too

That's a mental visual image I really don't need today...or any other day...
Jbello - Or not... Did you see her on Letterman last week. He asked the question (paraphrased) "Was MJ as strange then as he is now?" Her response was a somewhat uncomfortable look and (again paraphrased) "I left him, didn't I".
I haven't heard the music, but I saw the video twice on recent plane trips (just the video, no music). It was pretty lame, tho that doesn't necessarily imply anything about the music.
Bob; thanks for the recommendation. I'll pick it up. Cheers. Craig
Lisa has just released "Now What" her 2nd effort, two years later. The writing & sound are quite similar to her first; if you liked that, them you'll like this one too. She does a real nice job covering Don Henley's 'Dirty Laundry'. So many covers do such an injustice to the original; this is a unique rendition: different, yet equal in many respects. Lisa rocks out!
I didn't think much of her first effort. She sounded like a famous person's kid who got all this help from the industry without much talent. Not even in the same league as the old man