liquid sound

What do people mean when they say "liquid sound"?
That's one of those things that is difficult to convey in words, but when you hear it, you'll know.

Smooth, flowing, and without grain. Liquid would also be organic, and very unclinical. The detail never interrupts the flow of music.

One might say that liquid could also be a component of PRaT. Pace - Rhythm - and - Timing.

Basically, the relief your dry, sore throat feels after a Luden's Cough Drop takes effect, heheh.
I suppose liquid sound "flows".
Gunbei did a great job-- smooth, flowing, and without grain. I'd emphsize "without grain" and would add "easy to listen to."
"Smooth, flowing, and without grain. Liquid would also be organic, and very unclinical. The detail never interrupts the flow of music."

Perfect! Thank you Gunbei!
To me, a "liquid sound" is a 3 dimensional image of sound that visually and metaphorically behaves like throwing a handfull of pebbles onto a flat pond. Each pebble strike forms a ripple that is distinct, yet radiates and mixes with other pebble strikes and decays with distance. Jeff
I assume that this means liquidity is a desirable thing to have. I guess it would be appreciated only if a non liquid system is heard. Anybody heard a non-liquid system?
My system is solid state only. No liquids are involved.
Sure. My system has been "non-liquid," and with the right (or wrong, I guess) source material, remains capable of being "non-liquid." By "non-liquid," I mean edgy, grainy, not well-resolved, even perhaps subject to mild distortion. In short, harsh and unpleasant, or "unmusical."
"Liquid sound" is very similar to banking, IMHO. It means loose and easy credit. Just like a loose and easy speaker. One thinks of the old naval term "three-sheets to the wind". So it would be the opposite of a system with control and precision - something warm and full of bloom and harmonic bliss. Nice pleasant cosy sound all the time - whatever you play.

Alternative defintion could be Jax2 with his pinup customized paper bag over his head. ;-)
I was flipping between a tube and digital amp a while back. I visualized this in textural terms like the difference between running your hands over grass compared to polished glass. The harmonics get thrown at you a little differently. I couldn't say one was better, just different.
Minimal distortion
When I describe my system as "liquid" I mean to imply that the performance flows effortlessly between my speakers - not from them but, rather, creates a holographic presentation of the performance. Liquid, to me means no grain, no edgyness, perfect (or close to it) integration of the bass, midrange and treble. I mean to imply that my speakers have dissappeared and just the music drips into a 3d soundstage. It's a beautiful thing.