Liquid Sky and The Alloy Orchestra

Since I can remember I've been drawn to music that is very different than what I was hearing elsewhere (perhaps my push back to growing up in the fifties with all that pervasive conformity). The music of Cage and Reich have always drawn my ear. Years ago I viewed Slava Tsukerman's quirky film "Liquid Sky". The film was visually arresting, but that soundtrack! Has anyone heard it? Another film, Vertov's "Man with a Camera" has yet another interesting soundtrack provided by the "Alloy Orchestra" that greatly enhances the visuals - has anyone heard it? What did you think? Any suggestions of music (soundtracks or other mediums) that you've been found especially out of the mainstream would be appreciated.
Don't recall the soundtrack all that well (I saw it many, many years ago), but I thought the film was a great, hilarious, feminist statement. "This pussy has teeth!" is among my all-time favorite bits of dialog.

me and my rhythm box-paula sheppard(liquid sky)
"Koyaanisqatsi", musical score by Philip Glass. Not quite in the same vein as Liquid Sky but different for sure, sort of hypnotic