Liquid Midrange' - strong side of which tube amps?

I wonder if anybody can name tube amps with distinguished 'liquid' midrange. I myself can name just one – Octave Audio V 70 integrated. We listened to Steve Kuhn trio with Joe Lovano recording, and you could feel that absolutely real flow of the sound of piano. How it moves and fills the room in waves. But not all tube amps I listened to, produce this kind of sound. I specifically interested in integrateds. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!
Depending on your Speakers the Cary Audio CAD300SEi can produce what you are looking for.

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My VAC 30/30 will do what you're asking. But if you want an amp that's good for piano, my Ayre v-5's are better. The sound is very liquid like a good tube amp, and it has a lot more power. It can take command over a speaker in a way that a tube amp can't.
I myself can name just one – Octave Audio V 70 integrated
Which output tubes did the Octave V70 have? The most liquid sounding tubes I had in mine were the EL 34's and original Tung Sol 6550 black or grey plates. The EL 34's did lack the lows. The TS 6550 have much better lows. Ei KT90 type 2 or 3 is also very good. I didn't care for the KT 120's when I upgraded to the V110.

That said Octave has released the V80SE which uses KT 150's. I have heard KT 150's in an AR amps and they sounded extremely good and realistic.

As Pbnaudio mentioned a lot will depend on your speakers. When I had Dyn C1's the TS 6550's were the best sounding. But when I upgraded to Raidho they were too warm and the Ei KT90's were the best.
300B = Liquid Midrange
Jadis and VAC are among the best. Search the archives, discussed over & over. Cheers,

Those are nice speakers. Depending on room size and how loud you like to listen, either a VAC 30/30 or 70/70 would be a very good match. It goes without saying that you'll need a preamp and source of equal quality to get the most from the amp and speakers.
Room size is 16x11x9. I use Linn Sondek 12 with Adikt MM cartridge and Oppo 105 CD player. I understand that both mentioned VAC models are not in production anymore. I wonder if I can get the same result from the newer Primaluna Premium HP amp?
I've heard the Octave and have to agree with you. Since I'm not in the market, im hoping to find a deal on a used Octave.
VAC is in a completely different league than Primaluna. PL makes good entry to mid level tube gear, where VAC approaches state of the art. Also, the build quality is better and they really stand behind their products. If you have a problem after the warranty runs out, they usually fix it for free anyway.

If you don't want to buy an older model, I'm sure you can find something just as good, if not better, in they're current lineup.

The VAC amplifies are indeed excellent but they are not integrated amps. If looking for Amplifiers I'd suggest looking into the Canary 300B offerings too the frequently come up used at very favorable pricing

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"08-04-15: Pbnaudio

The VAC amplifies are indeed excellent but they are not integrated amps."

I know. I own one myself. The OP didn't ask for an integrated, but if that's what he's looking for the VAC Avatar is integrated. I'm not sure if they make it anymore, but they probably have equivalent in their current offerings.
VAC does have a current integrated, the 160i. It has a very nice midrange, as do all VAC products.
I listen to piano stuff a lot…jazz and classical…and KT150s (with GL 12AX7s and NOS Mullard 6201s) in my Jolida 502p do an amazing job of allowing tonal accuracy with vibrant mids…note that higher expense does not guarantee better performance which Primaluna and Jolida can prove all night…both have excellent build quality, and does anybody think Kevin Deal or Mike Allen won't stand behind their stuff? You can usually get either guy on the phone immediately. I know that if a company charges 10 times the cost of another for the same tried and true tube circuits you can think there's more mojo…especially if you're the one paying for it.
Yes VAC is best tube amp I have heard in this regard. Not tube but Icepower Bel CAnto Class D is very good in this regard as well and helps keep my lust for VAC gear in check.
In addition to VAC, the amps with the most liquid midrange I have heard have been from Jadis, particularly their JA 30 and 80 monoblocs (especially when used with EL 34 tubes) and their Orchestra and DA 60 integrated amps. Jadis gets the midrange right. And I agree with Wolf, the Primaluna integrated amp is a terrific amplifier with a beautiful midrange.
If you want liquid midrange nothing tops triodes...

Getting power from triodes is an issue though but much depends on the implementation of the amplifier. So far there has been no mention of the speakers used which will play a big role in this. The match between speaker and amplifier is going to be really important!
My problem is never the tube amps but the recording quailty. You can play a chesky recording on a ss amp and it gives better midrange than most others on a great tube set up. just my thoughs. maybe you vinyl guys are on a different level and can resurrect average recordings.
Another vote for VAC - famous for one of the best midranges in audio at any price. The obvious point being made earlier, was that the Manufacturer/Owner of the Company (VAC) goes out of his way to provide exemplary customer service and always has. Using dealers for comparison misses the point. I'm sure they provide excellent service as well. Its not about the dollars, but the position of the person providing the service. I also agree with an earlier poster - to try to imply that anything from Jolida or Primaluna is in the same league as VAC gear is just wrong, IMHO.
Although Prima Luna and Jolida make amazing sounding amps, they are certainly NOT in the same league as VAC as they are much less expensive. They're more in the "These amps sound fabulous for far less money" league.
I think my Audiovalve Challanger 180 monoblocks using any of the 3 tubes for output (el34,6550 or kt88) produce the type of midrange you are discussing; I have Nola KO's and Soundlab M2's for speakers.
Put your favorite EL34's into a Cary SA 280 V12 with a good recording and some great matching speakers and you will hear and feel the piano as amazingly live in your room. This Cary will go from ultralinear to full triode in 1/3rd increments ( on the fly) and you'll find your sweetspot somewhere in there...It also does KT's and lots of other tubes too but for what you described, go with the EL 34's. Good luck and happy Lissn'n.