Lipinski vs. Avalon

Anyone with an experience or an educated opinion on the Lipinski 707 vs. Avalon Studio Pro? I find studio monitors intoxicating and am wondering if the 100% price tag difference is a sign that the 707 is in a league of its own.


I heard the Lipinski at the last CEDIA show and they were extremely good even under terrible show conditions.

I have also sold Avalon's in the past, I like Avalon but quite frankly the Lipinski was totally awesome.
I heard the Lipinski at the 06 CES. They were set up in a multichannel config. Very smooth. My impression is that full range was sacrificed for excellence in the range it does well at. Down to 40 essentially. Designed to image spectacularly. This is a speaker that I would buy with the given that a sub would accompany it. Perfect choice for a 5.1 with good bass management. This speaker was made by someone who knew what he wanted and new no one made it. And he has engineered his "ultimate". It's very good.
both are incredibly average, even for a studio monitor. nearfield, in a small room...maybe.
It IS in a league by it's own, in my educated opinion.
>It IS in a league by it's own, in my educated opinion<

"It" being what?????? Avalon? Lipinski? Can you please be a little more vague next time????.......

the duntech PCL 25 studio monitor is the ticket.
I'm a Lipinski dealer in NYC. I invite anyone to come in, sit down and listen to the 707's, with the Lipinski amps and tell me that they are average. Everything is subjective, but trust me, the 707's are way above average. In my estimation they are in a league of their own.
I'm a Lipinski dealer in NYC.....Everything is subjective but trust me.....