Lipinski Sound Monitors ???

Has anyone heard these speakers yet?
I have and own a pair of the 707's for the last 3 weeks. Running it without a subwoofer (doesn't need it). It's one of the best speakers I ever listen too. In fact I also have a pair of B&W 802D's and did a side by side demo. Those lipinski gave the B&W a run for it's money. It just couldn't keep up in the lower end with the B&W granted B&W 175lbs with 2 big woofers and the lipinski is only 41 lbs.
This speaker is very accurate and lively. I guarantee you once you listen to them you'll want them.In fact if they ever come up with a floorstanding model someday I'm selling the 802D's for them. Northern Audio Home and Theater in Pittsburgh sells them Mark the owner is a great guy. They carry top notch equipment.


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Lipinski 707's
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I auditioned them in LA about a year ago and was impressed. They reminded me a bit of the Merlin sound (and in my book that's a very good thing) but were notably rolled off at the top and espescially the bottom end. Nonetheless, the resulting balance is quite satisfying on a wide range of program material.

However, given my taste in music, I'd want to add a sub since the speaker's tonality as a stand alone is definitely light in the bottom 2 octaves, (and in my audition response below the mid 40hz region was completely MIA) . Since I've never heard the speakers set-up with a sub I can't comment on the results. They may be bass shy and a little shelved down up top, but the mid-band sounded very, very good to me!