Lipinski L-707 Grand

I've not seen anything about these. Anyone who has them?
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I heard (I think) the 707's a few months ago in CD format. Left Center and Right. They sound fantastic. Big sound from a small speaker. Pricey, but money well spent for the sound that you get. I'd love to hear them 2 channel with my tube system. Give them a listen. Good luck.
You talk of the monitors only!? I aim at the large versions.
You did not by any means hear them to;-)
The system did have a sub, but it was used mostly for home theater. Very nice sound. I think the owner said the monitors were 3500 bucks each. I use Linn Majik 140's in my system, but if I could afford it I'd love to have Wilson Sophia's. I'm not sure how you'd use them (I only like 2 chan.) but if they are affordable try to listen to them. If they are a little out of reach, you may want to hold off, or you may just buy them anyway. Good luck.